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I'm procrastinating, but honestly I don't know what these characters say to each other for the rest of the scene. Then it's a jump ahead to put spit and polish on the wedding, and I'm pretty much done.

As in ending. The End. {freaks out and flails}

I've spent ten years with this story. ( Insert scene from Grosse Point Blank, which is what I think of every time.) The only thing it beats out as a WIP is Key, and that doesn't have nearly as many words on it. This is the story that I wanted to do so much that I wouldn't abandon it. There was always a next-chapter draft in a folder on whatever computer I was using, even when I went four years without updating.

The procrastination is kind of funny, actually. Get up, water. Get up, bathroom. Get up, Farmers Market. Make lunch, eat lunch. Pet the cat. Change clothes. Water. Internet.

I'm going to finish it today, and if so post it today, and if so... say goodbye today. *weeps*
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...and then find that my ending is not the ending.

I'll accept it.

I had a lot of ending. I had the climactic scene and some wrap up. But it's been soooo long, and this is one of the stories that I have thought about sooo much, that once I caught up to the "ending," I found that there was still more to say. And then the "more to say" needed to be a conclusion. That's what I'm doing now. The ending scenes are not written for a lot of other things. I'm definitely going to be doing this. I don't mean a summary or sketch of the big ending, but all the important, thrilling, heartbreaking, and/or heartwarming pieces.
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I didn't want to skip the opportunity to write, but I didn't want to write anything serious, so I dug out the drafted chapter of an unfinished fanfic ("Take Comfort"). As it turns out, I had quite a bit of usable material written. I moved things into new combinations and filled out the segues. Now I have half a chapter (about 3K words).

But fluffy, it is not. I had managed to forget how much this story is about grieving and how much this section, specifically. I particularly liked the idea of "five stages of joy" that one character considers. grief is not a marathon )

1K today

Nov. 4th, 2010 08:34 pm
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Word count to date: about 6030

D was up before 5 with insomnia. When the cat woke me up, I felt pretty well rested, so I gave the man a hug and suggested breakfast. The only local thing open early -- at 6AM -- was Top Pot, so we had donuts. Then we came home and had a proper breakfast.

The proper breakfast meant I ended up late for work in spite of being up before dawn. I also forgot to post the MT prompt. And now I really am too tired to write any more on NCL, which means that my word count was only about 1K for today (two & 1/2 pages hand written and 480 in write-in).

But TC: I'm working on the big, emotionally explosive ending. I finally decided yes kiss. It makes sense in the scene as it is forming. Now Y is venting some of that pent up anger and confronting how he has always believed himself to be nothing more than a reflection of his creator. I need to defend Clow a little. Y doesn't know why he did what he did, but in my version of things, he had a very good reason why he didn't explain himself.

No. Too tired. Will write in AM before work.

Oh, yeah?

Dec. 28th, 2004 05:28 pm
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Just when I think, "Hm. I haven't seen a review in while," I get one. Another good one.

My fanfic readership may be small tiny, but they are occasionally articulate (in feedback) and I appreciate every one of them. (Even the mole girl.)

And then a voice whispers, "They'll hate you for the ending, you know."

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Just over 2000 words of "Take Comfort". That makes a skinny chapter 19. I haven't forgotten it )

Also, this is cool: 101 Words from the last 100 years. "Wizard" is one of them! Rowling, did you know???!?
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Those of you who aren't familiar with "Take Comfort" (my WIP chapter-fanfic) or Card Captor Sakura, just keep scrolling your flist.

So I'm trying to work out the timeline, fitting in Sakura's birthday, the first day of her new school, and Golden Week (which, thankfully, isn't until late April) for "Take Comfort". Although my OCD wants me to pick a real year and chart the moon phases (that is, find a year in which the moon phases work), I am limiting myself to a more simple calendar of events. Those of you not interested, feel free to pass on by.

This will be a long ramble. Includes spoilers through ch 18. )


Aug. 30th, 2004 03:07 pm
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Take Comfort, files )
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What I had, written, was close to where I could break it, thankfully. So here it is, in time for my Nade's birthday:

extended Author's Note )

The full-size colored Nadeshiko is cuter (so is the sketch) but 100 pixels is limiting. Maybe I'll put it somewhere eventually, probably hidden in the Desk Drawer.

Okay, so, I also just put a bunch of entries in as "memories", which will give you an overview of me if you've just noticed me. {waves to new friends} I'll check them periodically, so if you have a comment to add, please do, particularly on the OTP and whether or not I should put warnings on my writing. Thanks!

And now, an rant about Tsukimine Shrine:
Clow discussion )

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I've just updated "Take Comfort" again, chapter 16: Lessons.  A little bit cute.  And with this chapter, the implications begin... .

link to my profile on ff.net

If you haven't read "TC", here's a no spoiler synopsis of the story so far:

Yue meets Nadeshiko ) And please keep the One True Pairing suggestions coming!
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It's posted. )
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Opted to work on "TC". I'm in waaay over my head... too many characters moving around... and I keep misplacing Kero! But I finished chapter 15. I think it's crap. I'm not posting it until I have at least some of ch 16 done; that one will at least be fun -- Yue again! Very little of anyone but Yue and Nadeshiko. Okay, a bit of Touya and Kero. But mostly happy!Yue. Well, sorta happy... for a few minutes, anyway.

I guess I should have been considerate and rambled under an LJ-cut, as usual, but I'm kinda tired.
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I seem to be using Live Journal more than I expected.

Semi-personal ramblings )

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La, I finished this chapter! There's plenty more coming after.


Haven't read it? Here's a summary. Read more... )

Also, I just figured out what I keep forgetting in my links. So here's the *correct* link to "Misguided Angel":



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