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I'm not sure it will burn.

Accidental fires do the most damage. Candles left burning? But I think what's happening is that my MC does it for revenge.


Nov. 8th, 2010 11:07 pm
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Over 2K written tonight. It helped a lot to know that I wasn't the only person who had a bad weekend on the writing front. I guess because I can't feel like a loser when people I hold in high esteem have the same setbacks.

12458 / 50000 (24.92%)
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10381 / 50000 (20.76%)

There is about another 200 words in the notebook that I have not counted. I typed up what I did have written by hand so that I could get a more accurate word count. I'm behind, because I turned out to have far less time this weekend than weekends are supposed to have for this kind of thing. I had hoped that Sunday, today, would have been a good for bumping up the numbers. Not so. Tomorrow is going to be another day eaten by other things, so I'll make the most of the time that I will have. During the rest of the week, I can catch up if I push some.

What an irritating weekend. I wish I could just let it go and not be irritated, but I still am.

1K today

Nov. 4th, 2010 08:34 pm
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Word count to date: about 6030

D was up before 5 with insomnia. When the cat woke me up, I felt pretty well rested, so I gave the man a hug and suggested breakfast. The only local thing open early -- at 6AM -- was Top Pot, so we had donuts. Then we came home and had a proper breakfast.

The proper breakfast meant I ended up late for work in spite of being up before dawn. I also forgot to post the MT prompt. And now I really am too tired to write any more on NCL, which means that my word count was only about 1K for today (two & 1/2 pages hand written and 480 in write-in).

But TC: I'm working on the big, emotionally explosive ending. I finally decided yes kiss. It makes sense in the scene as it is forming. Now Y is venting some of that pent up anger and confronting how he has always believed himself to be nothing more than a reflection of his creator. I need to defend Clow a little. Y doesn't know why he did what he did, but in my version of things, he had a very good reason why he didn't explain himself.

No. Too tired. Will write in AM before work.


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