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I was in a mood, so I put my ancient story "Oreads & Other Nymphs" on Wattpad after I uploaded the last half of EoC.


This stupid keyboard doesn't have the mark up characters to make a link as text.
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153,854 words, 53 chapters, 3 years.
The longest thing I’ve ever written, fanfiction or otherwise. A complete story, beginning-middle-end, and not a romance.


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 Over the last few months, I've been clocking 6,000-10,000 words per month of fanfic in 4 different fandoms . It's actually kind of hard in my hands. And it's not crap. It's sometimes crack, but good enough to post to A03. Just when I've been finishing one, I end up starting another.

The thing is, I *am* still excited to write/work on Even Angels and Stadium. I have been writing the djinn inspired short story to improve and finish it. But my time has been going to fic. For the lower bar, honestly, and the option to share-in-progress. Unlike in times past, I'm not getting upset that fic has my time. The more I write fiction of any kind, the easier it is to write.

But I've also been ultra-focused on writing and nothing else, all summer. That's just where my head is at. 
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 "The Troublesome Dead" is a great title.

#inspired by the cat

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I got distracted pulled away from fiction by writing a blog post.  Anticipation: the good tension. Though I still make a lot of amateur mistakes, I believe on some level that I know what I'm doing, that because I approach writing as a reader, I have experience. I think that's fair to say.
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My noir flavored short story, "The One That Got Away," is going to be published online at www.fictionontheweb.co.uk on March 9, 2014!

I'm so excited! This was an alternate story I wrote when I was writing "A Theft of Teapots," when I was doubting if ToT was going to work. I love film noir, full of dames, booze, and luckless gumshoe detectives. I didn't think "The One That Got Away" would get a home. Before I put it up on my own website, I decided to send it out to fictionontheweb because I like reading stories there.

Also, I finally got kudos on a fanfic that I wrote under a different name. It's funny, but that made me almost as happy as the great email from Charlie Fish.

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I'm writing a thing that has developed a film noir dialog style. It isn't typical of the subject or characters, but I really like it. I'm wondering how I can keep it. Or do it again in a more appropriate setting.
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NaNoWriMo makes me feel like an ass. Others may agree that I am an ass this month. I don't pick up the phone. I don't call back. My emails are short and lack my usual antiquated use of salutation. I haven't even read a letter that came in, let alone moved to reply. The cats... oh, the cats are Not Pleased, though I do appease them by having the space heater on.

I feel selfish, but what makes it bad is that I feel smug about being selfish. My time is writing time. My time is not for you. So what if I'm sitting at my desk writing something other than my NaNo -- you don't know that. Get out of the way! I have a word count that must not lag behind!

I think I'm supposed to feel guilty, but I don't really feel guilty. It feels like giving myself and expensive gift that I've been denying because of all the other things that are needed. Don't ask anything from me, I'm writing!

I don't even want to think about what happens, come December. It makes me feel like something is going to be taken away from me.
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You can find me there as chrysalisdreams.

Now I'm off to dinner with my dad.
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This is new: I want to finish "TC," but I don't want it to be finished. D:

This is going to keep happening, isn't it?
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As I review my writing as a whole, I see the repetition of ideas (and sometimes, of phrasing). My concept of romantic love seems to be a slow escalation of small increments: friendship, hand holding or similar touches, a first kiss that doesn't end in sex, and so on. Seeing a little bit of my soul for display like that incites a bit of melancholy. It's all made of wish and dream.

Then there are other parts where I am able to convey something I know deep in my core. I find those moments and think, "that is truth."

Rereading and making the effort to edit/rewrite old things that no one cares about gives me confidence. I think that I always like writing (making stories) for myself the most. Sharing is sort of required, but it is not unlike cooking. Cook what will be enjoyable to eat alone; share if there are hungry mouths.

I have a lot to fit in today. I feel that I have a lot to fit in before the end of June. I don't, really, though. It's just a matter of energy level, incentive.

I'm going to try my hand at making applesauce this morning.

EDIT: This was enlightening! The signifcance of plot without conflict
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{laughs maniacally}
Begun: some time between 2004-2008
Forgotten until: May 21, 2013
Completed: June 12, 2013
Word Count: 3,188
Title: "Parasol" On AO3 At the Pit of Voles
As I recall, the Monet painting Woman with a Parasol was a prompt. The fic is strongly inspired by "Parasol" by Tori Amos, which I have always felt was a song for Sonomi and Nadeshiko. This story takes place the summer before Sonomi's wedding.

Summary: A rift between families is sustained by both sides. (Pre-canon)

What I learned from completing this fic: I think that I must have initially set this aside because it was a nothing story, one where Sonomi went to tell her cousin of the upcoming wedding. She sees Nadeshiko's son Touya for the first time. (And?!?) Coming back to it to finish it even if it was a nothing story meant figuring out how to get the characters to engage with me. They were happy to engage with each other. Before I knew it, they were getting scrappy!

Writing with restrictions is good for me. Sonomi is a difficult character. It's her POV and I wanted her to be sympathetic. In canon, she is a single mother, a business woman, athletic, competitive, and off-putting. In canon, her clumsy cousin Nadeshiko (deceased in canon present) is cute and sweet, a bad cook and a gentle mother. I've been writing N in "TC" for ages now, thinking about what made her tick, and I write her fallible. She is sometimes oblivious, often unwise, impulsive, and a little selfish. This fic dropped both of them together with the inspiration of an emotion-filled song that I could not allude to because S's POV is not lyrical.

I still think that it ends somewhat abruptly. However, that is OK for a vignette that no one will read besides me anyway.
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 There are times when my head gets too crowded.

Since I have been here on DW, cross posting to LJ, I have returned to thinking of myself as butterflydreaming. I just realized that I've disconnected with SaV -- that is to say, I see my shadow_and_veil journal on LJ and it feels remote. That's not me.

Y'know, that's actually a good thing. Cut to spare you nattering )
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Today I discovered that Death on a Cold Night is now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. This wasn't supposed to be a surprise... {laugh}.

Links at my blog on Blogger.

I've been pretty bad about keeping up Windowed Worlds. My last update was a month ago, and it was a link to YouTube. It seems bad to talk about writing instead of, well, doing the writing. Except that it's not. That's the kind of thinking I'm trying to undo by echoing my thoughts across the different social media. Which reminds me... {goes to post link to blog onto Facebook}

[personal profile] varina8 linked to this editorial about chicken keeping, or not-keeping-chickens, rather. You Absolutely Should Not Get Backyard Chickens. The comments go OT discussing backyard bees. A rare case where the comments are made of awesome.

I hope to have bees one day when I have a lot of gray in my hair (and maybe arthritis). I added another thing to that "when I am old" list: learning Arabic. I think that the language is beautiful. The written language is beautiful, the romanized spellings for pronunciation are lovely, and the spoken language is fascinating. I hope that my brain is still soft and squishy so that I can retain a new language.
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 OMG, the things that turn up when you're looking for something else.
I once started writing a sequel to two of my oddest (and that is saying something) fanfics for Card Captor Sakura. I titled it "Meeting As if By Chance," got in 4,000 words, and then forgot about it. It's... astounding.
The first fic was one called "Matters of Chance," and it was done for an "original character" challenge. My OC was an estranged cousin to the canon's main character's late mother; the story took place during the time when the main character's parents met. Her name was Kikuu, and she was a Japanese girl from Los Angeles. She had the magic ability to influence chance and fate.
The second fic was "Hunger," set in an alternative universe in which -- challenge requirement -- one of the primary canon characters did not exist. I removed the main character (Sakura) as well as her older brother. Her mother lived, and the new magic girl was the third child. In this fic, my favorite character, Yue, doesn't get the gift of magic that lets him live, because there is no brother to give it to him. Instead, he takes it from a weaker source -- the mother -- and it beaten bloody by the magic girl (Yuriko). The story ends on a note of doom for Yue, as he flees from Yuriko, still starving for the magic power that he needs.
"Meeting As if By Chance" picks up at the end of "Hunger." I know at the time that I couldn't leave AU Yue to that ending. I didn't finish the fic... possibly because it happened around the time of a lot of chaos for me, possibly because it only bears the slightest relationship to canon.
Anyway. Here it is.
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I have set DW to crosspost automatically to LJ. I hadn't done it before because I really like DW. I reminds me of when I had "duskyjewel" over at LJ. So easy to forget that anyone's ever reading.

The thing is, it has come up recently a few times that folks don't use this (LJ or DW) style of journaling, that they have gone on to other social networking platforms. Facebook has degenerated from its brief time of usefulness. No one knows what to do with tumblr. A smattering of folks use Google+. Wordpress, twitter, instagram, blogspot, Goodreads/Shelfari/Library Thing, and so on. Hell, Ravelry.

Dreamwidth and Twitter offer tools for crossposting across multiple sites, a kind of echo blogging. It is possible to post from Wordpress to DW to LJ, and then post from LJ to FB. There is a way to link your G+ and your FB via Twitter. (Sorry, no links. I don't have special info, so I leave the searches up to you.) I know that Flickr makes sharing to other sites easy.

There are several phone apps for smart phone users. The one I like for posting to DW is El Jay. If you use it for LJ, it works well for reading your f'list as well as posting. (Not so much for DW.)

We migrate to where our friends are, or we start using something because it suits us better. We all have so many choices, now. I like DW. That doesn't mean that my LJ friends have to move over. Because I keep who I am here separate from who I am on lower-content sites (where my family is invited), I've always had a strong compartmentalization. Yet, there are really only two compartments, since I've had the integrated-self approach to self for while. (That is why I started going by "Cristy" to everyone. I favor "Cris" again, but it doesn't feel as much as name-use is linked to different aspects of personality.) I don't even use specialized friends filters anymore. I blog so little as it is, that much falls to the wayside before it ever makes it into an update.

I want to make efforts to rejuvenate the socialization of blogging. So rather than having some content isolate over here, I'll just crosspost everything, so that those who prefer to blog on LJ, primarily or exclusively, still have the option of scrolling over my posts. ^_~

When I post something to blogspot, which I have not for a while, it's easy to share to G+ and here. I still feel disinclined to post the link to FB, because I still feel that FB is a pit. What I less often do is share G+ posts (usually photo sharing) to here. Everything can come here. If you are reading here, you are invited to ignore all of it.

My feeling is that if you blog, and want to get some of that sense of connection back, echoing your voice across multiple platforms is a way to reach your friends who have scattered. It's hard to get discussion going, that way, but discussion isn't happening now as it is. I think that some of the migration off of LJ style blogging happened because people felt uncomfortable writing, felt that they didn't have anything interesting to share. It used to be a lot of memes and quizzes, remember? It must have been more comfortable to tweet or to post short, pointless updates to Facebook. FB has become a reshare hell, pretty much. There is even less content, now.

Even though they are low content to no content, even though they are repostings of visual memes and the LOL of the moment, I think all of that can be echoed. Why not? Are we trying to retain some imagined dignity?

There maybe ways to read ALL YOUR THINGS, but I think I'm more technical than even the average social network user, and I don't use a client or have a feed reader. You may be able to read, but your friend that drifted off to social-network-of-choice may never see what you post to your primary venue, unless you echo it on.

These are my early thoughts on this. I want to tidy them up a bit and see if I can post a more general manifesto on my author-persona Wordpress, etc. Thoughts or comments?
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...and then find that my ending is not the ending.

I'll accept it.

I had a lot of ending. I had the climactic scene and some wrap up. But it's been soooo long, and this is one of the stories that I have thought about sooo much, that once I caught up to the "ending," I found that there was still more to say. And then the "more to say" needed to be a conclusion. That's what I'm doing now. The ending scenes are not written for a lot of other things. I'm definitely going to be doing this. I don't mean a summary or sketch of the big ending, but all the important, thrilling, heartbreaking, and/or heartwarming pieces.


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