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 1. I went to the University District Farmers Market today. It's small than I remembered, and in the street now instead of that lot. (It's been a long time.) Our Capitol Hill one has more vendors. I coveted the bread at Tall Grass Bakery (mmm, bread). Tiny's Organic had last year's fruit... in jars, as preserves! They taste like fruit, not sugar bomb. They include the skins. I got Aprium (apricot plum hybrid) and Nectarine (Arctic Blast & Arctic Blaze blend). My mouth waters, just thinking of our next breakfast-for-dinner.Tiny's Organic jam and some honey from the farmers market
There was a honey vendor with something called "bakery honey." It turns out, that's their name for honey dregs, the honey pulled off when cleaning up the wax. It probably has pupa bits, royal jelly, and maybe some dead bees in it, all filtered clear. A blend of blackberry, wildflower, and whatever other they had, it has a fuller flavor and glorious color. I can't wait to eat it!

2. L and I had an early cherry blossom viewing picnic. The trees on UW Campus are not in full bloom yet. I didn't realize that they were white ones. The pink ones around town are going boom.

3. My BFF will be in town in a mere 16 days! I need to draft an itinerary, but I want it to include the Museum of History and Industry, the whiskey bar in Pike Place Market, Sun Liquor, Sake Nomi, Intrigue Chocolate, Pirosky on 3rd (conveniently close to the Arctic Hotel, where she'll be staying), and Vostok Dumpling House. I would have liked to include the Polish Home for their pierogies, but she won't be around on the days they are serving.

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Gad Zukes!

People make jokes about end-of-summer zucchini, but when I see those monsters, I think of dinner. The overgrown ones are the best ones for this delicious zucchini slop I love. Looks terrible, tastes delicious (assuming you like zucchini and dairy).
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Round 1 of waffalafel did not present a winner, but it gave me the start of my falafel-in-a-waffle-maker recipe. Falafel-y goodness is limited when starting with chickpea flour or dry mix. However, it can only make sense to make falafel in a waffle maker if it is a 20 minute process, not an overnight one.
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Beet & Goat Cheese Sandwiches

I still have four beets. It's too hot to roast them. I think I'll try them raw, next.

I made the first iteration of beet-and-cheese sandwiches with havarti. The harvarti was good, but not quite robust enough. For the same outing, I made up a chickpea salad that was almost right; I think I undercooked the chickpeas, because they were a little grainy. The rest of it was great, though: lemon zest, lemon juice, lots of olive oil, a little plain yogurt, dill, black pepper, and finely chopped carrot and cucumber, garnished with sunflower seeds. It reminded me of the white bean, rosemary, and lemon zest dip I made once. It might make a good pasta salad.

In other food news, I am drinking up the chia seeds that I rediscovered in a kitchen drawer. I am giving them a long soaking time in the fridge, using one of the empty kombucha bottles that I have been using for tea and such. Very refreshing.
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This is the kind of news I enjoy reading.

NPR.org on diminutive Haas.

Elisabeth Silva, San Diego County's agricultural crime prosecutor who deals every year in a number of avocado theft cases, says there could be foul play behind the sudden flood of tiny avos.

Avocado theft. My day is improved.
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In honor of [personal profile] coffeedaiv's birthday, it has been a food weekend.

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As I review my writing as a whole, I see the repetition of ideas (and sometimes, of phrasing). My concept of romantic love seems to be a slow escalation of small increments: friendship, hand holding or similar touches, a first kiss that doesn't end in sex, and so on. Seeing a little bit of my soul for display like that incites a bit of melancholy. It's all made of wish and dream.

Then there are other parts where I am able to convey something I know deep in my core. I find those moments and think, "that is truth."

Rereading and making the effort to edit/rewrite old things that no one cares about gives me confidence. I think that I always like writing (making stories) for myself the most. Sharing is sort of required, but it is not unlike cooking. Cook what will be enjoyable to eat alone; share if there are hungry mouths.

I have a lot to fit in today. I feel that I have a lot to fit in before the end of June. I don't, really, though. It's just a matter of energy level, incentive.

I'm going to try my hand at making applesauce this morning.

EDIT: This was enlightening! The signifcance of plot without conflict
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Stopping in at Cintli by duskyjewel
Stopping in at Cintli, a photo by duskyjewel on Flickr.

Cafe con leche in a hand thrown mug, at the cute new folk art cafe, Cintli.
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Dinner last night was grilled cheese (havarti, horseradish cheddar, and sharp provolone with garlic mustard aioli) (on sourdough) and tomato soup.

However, my favorite vegetarian food of all may be L's homemade miso soup, in which she puts pan-toasted pepitas. No other miso soup is as tasty and most aren't vegetarian.
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Because 5 things make a post, om nom nom.

1. The weakest link has been removed from the chain. More work for me, but overall very much for the better. I don't feel very bad that this got the first position in my thankful list tonight.

2. Chocolate glazed, chocolate cake Top Pot donuts are really good when left in the refrigerator. Quiche is even tastier when someone has made it for you... magic dinner! Quesadillas. Being someone who enjoys her fuel consumption. The luxury of having a "favorite food."

3. [livejournal.com profile] coffeedaiv. Who didn't have to take a sick day.

4. Aya is returning to his obnoxious self, after a week of kitty cold that included losing his meow. No, really. He has a lousy immune system. Shiva cat only had two days of mild sneezing, but Aya has been knocked down with a very human-like crud (cough, sneezing, no meow) for almost a week. I should not laugh. It's probably my fault that they, indoor cats, got colds at all.

5. Being energetic after a bad night's sleep. Being energetic after TWO bad nights of sleep (for different reasons). Go acupuncture!

Won Ton nom

Jan. 9th, 2011 05:43 pm
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A craving for won ton soup led to a plan to pick up the needed ingredients at Uwajimaya today. L, helped me out. The soup came out deliciously. We didn't have a recipe, but L makes a lot of "Asian flavored soup" as she calls it, and really, it's soup.

For the ghosties, I lucked out with 1/3 lb of organic shitake mushrooms at half price*. About the same amount of black fungus mushroom, then a large button mushroom, fresh garlic, and green onions chopped up, I seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, and pepper jelly, with an egg for binding. The soup broth was ginger, mirin, soy sauce, and nappa cabbage, green peas, and carrots.

It was !delicious! and only took a few minutes to cook. All the time is prep, with the chopping of the won ton filling. Rose brand won ton wrappers are as good tasting as their fortune cookies are.

In my dream house, the kitchen is the biggest room after the library. I love being able to cook with other people for company or won ton forming. Parties always gravitate to the kitchen. You can never have too much counter space.

*Hot tip for Seattleites: Ostrom dried mushrooms are also on sale at Uwajimaya right now, for the crazy price of 99 cents. You can find them on an endcap by the rice bags. I bought one of the mixed mushroom packs that has Bolete, Lobster, and Morel mushrooms in it, which I imagine is going to end up in some wild rice.
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QFC supermarket has mega-mushrooms. A mere $2 each, though they weigh half a pound a piece and are at least 5" in diameter. Oh, portobellos, how I love you! Sliced, sauteed with olive oil and spices, paired with wilted spinach, dressed lightly with a spritz of fresh lemon juice! Nom, I say! Nom nom nom! Such gustatory joy!

I'm going to be nice and share with Daiv... so that I can eat another one entire! Nom! The first was merely a preview! Or the second one is dessert!

I so rarely eat mushrooms, you see, anymore. When meat is less than the $4/lb of mushrooms, how can I choose mushrooms? And thus, we have had cheap meat and 2 pound blocks of cheese as staples for two years. But! Now I can have dijon mustard! Red bell peppers! Something other than cheddar! Hurrah!


May. 25th, 2007 12:09 pm
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A friend that I haven't seen in a looong time called me up yesterday. We had dinner at Jones Barbeque, the one only a few blocks south of Jumbo's Chinese, where I like to go for dim sum. They were busy last night, with several people waiting for take-out orders, and we were glad that we went to seek out dinner before actually feeling hungry.

The sauce on mine (2 *pounds* of rib tips!) was a comfortable medium spice. My companion went with ribs in a mild sauce, but the sauce tasted very different, and didn't lack for having less spice. I have to admit, his dish was the tastier. Yay for sharing. I had to take most of mine home, and now I'm very sad that I was counting on being home for a late lunch and left it in my fridge. (So not only does work suck -- in a typical, not rare, kind of suckage -- but I have no lunch. Okay, that a lie; I have an apple.)

There was not a vegetable in sight, unless you count the sweet potato pie (breakfast this morning). That much meat kind of scares me now. I find myself looking for something green, leafy, and not cooked beyond the touch of grace. Even corn and potatoes don't seem vegetable-y enough to qualify. They have a bunch of stuff on the menu, though, and next time I'll see if collard greens will ease my nutritional guilt.

Tasty meat, and worth the wait. Hopefully, I'll enjoy it again on the soon side.


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