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Gad Zukes!

People make jokes about end-of-summer zucchini, but when I see those monsters, I think of dinner. The overgrown ones are the best ones for this delicious zucchini slop I love. Looks terrible, tastes delicious (assuming you like zucchini and dairy).
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I truly believed that I was going to sit down and do some writing today, but after all, I didn't. I did update the Capitol Hill Craft Group blog just now, at least. It's mostly links for making easy beads out of scrap paper.

That reminds me, I have a tub of air hardening clay that I didn't like working with, that could be perfect for toner dust craft. I'll have to see if there's any waste color toner still set aside from Christmas, when I did the Christmas ornaments.

I checked off a bunch of stuff on my to-do, but I didn't write.

A bunch of other things just seemed more immediate and more instantly rewarding. I think that's OK. I'll have a quiet apartment for the next several days; it's only me & the beasts because D is visiting California. (He bought airfare several months ago, non-refundable.)

Let me tell you, it's been a looooong time since I've been alone overnight. But with the cats jumping all over me -- it's going to be too warm to shut the door on them -- I'm sure I won't feel all that much alone. Plus, neighbors and neighborhood. It's never quiet.
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I tried to create a meme on tumblr for my artist friends to do: Materials
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My OTP: me/clean kitchen floor

I tend to prefer being at home, alone where it is quiet (when the cats are sleeping) and get my social activity at a remove (online, text/email, snail mail). That can become a bit lonely, but he alternative... is tiring just to think about. I enjoy outings, but I sigh at all the planning. Even getting dressed, putting on shoes. I'm dressed at home, but rarely nicely enough to be seen in public in the company of others.

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It has scratchy noise that is kind of moody: Me, reading an old poem aloud. (Hear my lisp? Of course you will. ^_^)

I learned a new thing: the short code for embedding audio into Wordpress. I have successfully 1)used the voice recorder app on my phone, 2)sent the file from phone to computer 3)converted to mp3, 4)discovered how to embed into a Wordpress post, and 5)fought and won in the formatting battle for the text spacing. Wordpress doesn't even need the file type conversion. OTOH, I *always* have text formatting issues with Wp.
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I must share with you this artist's versions of Disney's Princesses, all done in historically accurate costume. Oh, the nerding! She has done all of the official princesses except Merida.

Here is my favorite autodidact polymath, in Regency costume: Rapunzel from Tangled.
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Nostalgia and Now I'm a little spacey, so I have only just discovered An Archive of Our Own, the "fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial" fanwork archive. Of the handful of Card Captor Sakura stories that I have read there, the majority of them were well-written, creative, and rewarding. Stories can be tagged as the author deems needed. I saw a familiar pen name or two from the Pit Fanfiction.net. Do any of you use Archive of Our Own (AO3)? Other archives besides Fanfiction.net?

In a fit of nostalgia, I've been finishing "Take Comfort" and compiling all my CCS fics. I will probably put them up on AO3, everything from Mediaminer.org, my LJ, FF.net, and a few oddlings that I have found under rocks. The stuff from my "desk drawer," my earthlink.net hosted webpage, is long gone. No great sorrow. I also plan to make ePubs of my fics, just for the fun of it: an idea taken from "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" on FF.net.

What are you doing with your old and new fics? Anything?

In 2011, Madhouse started releasing collections of the anime series on DVD. (As you may know, CCS is out of print in the North America.) Dark Horse printed the manga in an omnibus edition. There is an excellent YouTube channel that has all three seasons, both movies, and extras.

[LJ has been having problems, so several of my cross-postings have failed.]
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Grandiloquent Word of the Day: Borborygmus

Do you follow Grandiloquent Word of the Day on Facebook? I find myself "liking" them pretty often.


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