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Jameson's is love.

Chartruese, while you taste of childhood days playing in the nextdoor empty lot, you are not my friend.

Sake, we continue to enjoy each other's company. I will invite you over anytime.

Cheap red wine, I've got a thing for you, but it's all about nostalgia and slumming, you should know that. There was no time for you this weekend. Maybe later in the week? You go so well with garlic shrimp.
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Because despite anxiety dreams (my subconscious is Captain Obvious), I'm in a great mood.

1. I am thankful for Christopher, who let me set up a late appointment to get a very overdue haircut. Nevermind that I live above a different salon. I don't wanna trade.

2. Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] divinityof_fire and I are finally having our hooray-we're-done-moving celebration dinner. I get steak!

3. I've been paid, which makes 2 and 1 both possible.

4. Yesterday, I sorted out the last file in the Space-Making Project of Doom: going through two years worth of completed files, pulling out duplicates and unnecessary items. All that's left is the shredding. I've already separated out non security-issue papers into the regular recycling.

5. Funstuff on Saturday!
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My co-worker LL made this soup and shared a taste of it with me. It's so good! I'm calling it Cozy Warm Soup, because it's perfect for a day like today that's full of drizzling rain and emphatic gusts. Though the original recipe is for beef and beef bouillon, an easy switch makes it vegetarian, and the ingredients are things that I usually have around in the freezer/cupboards. I've found vege bouillon at PCC; alternately, you can substitute the water for vegetable broth or stock as long as you adjust for the quantity of salt.

Easy Recipe )

Since I'm a comment whore today, why don't you tell me about your favorite comfort food?
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I know it's not sushi.

I created a username on Citysearch so that I could put up a positive review for Flavor of India. The review takes 24 hours to appear. If you could, please pop over to it tomorrow afternoon and mark the "Was this review helpful" with a yes. If you came to dinner last night, please take a few minutes to sign up and leave a positive review for the restaurant, also. Like Wild Fish, this is a good restaurant that has been overlooked. They are both too often empty. It will be difficult to continue the "crawl" onto another restaurant.

Especially because the food is so good. The waiter (the only server that I have seen there) is gracious, soft-spoken and welcoming. He made sure to say, "until next time" when we thanked him as we left. He brought us a free dessert! a list of what we ate )
and how it was )

And the company was pretty good, too. {grins} We missed you, [livejournal.com profile] varina8 and [livejournal.com profile] spazzychic! Both of you, get well soon so you can come out & play.


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