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Here is the recipe for the vegan peanut butter "blondies" that L brought over on Lincoln's birthday: PB Blondies. Today she had me try the "platinum" version she made, using Coconut Manna (made of coconut flesh) in place of pb, sunflower oil, Silk soy milk, white sugar, and white flour. They were like a rich shortbread and were delicious! Since I have sunflower butter, I want to try the recipe with that substitution. L suggested calling those "Natural Blondies."
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It's Sunday evening, the sun is still shining (and will for hours yet), but I am feeling that "Aaah! It's almost Monday!" dread that I felt in kid school days. I hated school. Maybe I hated it more for stealing that last part of my weekend, too.

But there are hours more left of Sunday, I tell myself. I don't have to even think about work until I get there, over twelve hours from now. It doesn't suck *that* much, I tell myself.

Haven't eaten much of anything today due to the heat diminishing my appetite. Now I am past hungry, but still wish I could skip eating. We bought a lot of potatoes before the heat rolled in. I worry about them sprouting & going bad, but don't know a lot of hot weather cooking that involves potatoes. I loved them baked, roasted, or made into soup or stew. Hot weather = like, salad. Cous cous with haloumi cheese and maybe falafel. Hoagies.

Hmm. Idaho Potato Commission has a bunch of potato salad recipes, nicely presented on a nifty website. D has never eaten potato salad! He doesn't like pickles or onion, and I don't like hard boiled eggs, and that makes it difficult to find a recipe.

I don't want to cook or even go out for groceries. I don't *have* to cook or do the shopping; he doesn't expect it. If I don't go to the grocery store, though, we will end up both eating late and out at some restaurant still open. It's too easy and we can't afford to do that.

I got about 500 words writing this morning, which lately is a good word count. Touya-Yue scene (fanfic) that is still in progress. I could stand to take a break, a short one to figure out if I want to go back to write an earlier part tonight or if the boys tell me where their discussion goes from where we left off.
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This came out really well )

What I really found interesting was the way the ingredients all go in after each other quickly, and the flour cooked with the potatoes before the milk and broth are added. It made a nicely thick chowder, not as heavy as it would have been if made with cream or even whole milk. I think it's a great basic chowder, where the crab meat can be substituted or left out all together, too.
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My co-worker LL made this soup and shared a taste of it with me. It's so good! I'm calling it Cozy Warm Soup, because it's perfect for a day like today that's full of drizzling rain and emphatic gusts. Though the original recipe is for beef and beef bouillon, an easy switch makes it vegetarian, and the ingredients are things that I usually have around in the freezer/cupboards. I've found vege bouillon at PCC; alternately, you can substitute the water for vegetable broth or stock as long as you adjust for the quantity of salt.

Easy Recipe )

Since I'm a comment whore today, why don't you tell me about your favorite comfort food?
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It's been nearly a full week since I went to that chocolate tasting at Rose's, and as you can see, I still haven't written anything about it. In short -- I will be doing oneseveral of these again. I took lots of notes, and there is much to tell, but I... just... don't... feel... like... writing that post.

So instead, I'll tell you about the chocolate cake that's in my oven.

recipe )

You, too, can make this cake. )

Oh, and my credit card company has decided to up my credit line again. It's now more than I make in a year -- though not more than I've ever made in a year -- which is just ridiculous. This is the card that I have nearly paid off... after which I will be 100% debt free. That's right. I can do it before the end of this year, too, without much effort. Very, very liberating, that thought.

I'm not at all tempted by the credit limit, not even when I'm feeling crazy. What would I want that I could buy? Paying with cash is so much more satisfying... no bad aftertaste... and if I can't pay for it in cash then I don't want it. Not really.

It's all junk )

~Cake's done.~
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My apartment is full of the heady smell of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies. I did things a little differently this time, ... )


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