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There is a petition to put polar bears on the endangered species list. It takes very little time, and the link is here, through We Can Solve It. It will take about as much time as scrolling over the rest of this entry.

I signed it. But first, I wondered, should I? I did not wonder, why bother? Because I know why I bother. It's not much of one. The question is not "Why bother", but "Why not?".

Consequently, I've started to wonder about the Endangered Species list. Wikipedia, of course, has a good overview. You can find information for your area's beasts & plants via the EPA. I like the reference provided by the Fish & Wildlife Service the most useful for my questions.

We human creatures have been bad caretakers of what is only ours on loan. We have been unpleasant neighbors to our fellow animals on this planet we share.

Petitions CAN make a difference. I still haven't gotten over the bad taste (metaphorically speaking, cuz I wouldn't put that in my mouth) of Tim Eyman.
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pain is a message
healing will come afterward
from understanding

Tribe doesn't seem to want to post my musings. I just realized that on Tribe, one must always "submit". {grin} Perhaps I am being too assertive.

The fine line is the mirror's edge )
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I'm typing this so that I won't light the library's copy of Stranger in a Strange Land on fire. I feel like pitching it across the room.

cut for spoilerishness and Jesus am I pissed off now )
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It started with an article flashing by on the MSN homepage, containing this jaw drop inducing bit: contraceptive induced insanity; kiss and blog; date 3 women but don't tell them about each other unless one asks: all articles courtesy of Match.com's mag )

As enlightening as opinion collecting is, it hurts my brain to try to come to any conclusions or to bring it together in a coherent whole. I'm quite certain that I think too much. I want to understand things that defy understanding. Love/sex relationships include too many variables. Once again I wonder, why do I care? And, what do I want?

Questions eternal. I'm so scared of my Whim that being "easy" is work. Now I feel like I need to explain both Whim and easy. How about short versions?

Whim ) easy )
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Fry fuel: McDonald’s franchisee runs cars on leftover grease

I've been saying for years that McDonald's Corp. ought to diversify into biodiesel. This franchise owner is saving around $350/week in fuel cost, and will recover the cost of the conversion in eight months (per car). I wonder how much he is saving in disposal charges?

Full of Obvious - Say the words, for Eros' sake. )

I've been thinking that love is a box of crayons. Not any box, but the 64 color big box with the sharpener. Sure, there are bigger boxes now, but that was the one I coveted, the one with complex hues and metallics. I couldn't imagine a bigger box. I used to think some of the colors were grotesque; I questioned who would want green-yellow. Hopeful about others, I tried to use burnt umber. I wasn't allowed to use silver or gold, because I wasn't old enough to handle them. Now that I am, they're nice, but I'm just as likely to select azure.

Speaking of green-yellow, the hypenated names taught me about subtle differences. There was blue-green and green-blue, not called teal then, and red-violet and violet-red, and green-yellow/yellow-green. They were distinct, despite being called what sounded alike. Colors are hard to describe, even when they've been given a label.

Over time, the color names have changed, to ones like Screamin' Green. I think love expectations have been remarketed, too, since the 80's.

Black was the color I would wear out the most, the crayon I'd break first. The peeled half-bare crayon. I liked to do the thing where you cover up a calico of mixed colors with a coating of black, then scrape through for multi-hued lines.

I still have my favorites. Green-blue, dark violet, "unrealistic skin color" peach. I use red liberally, copper sparingly. A person could make do with a basic prismatic; I suspect that a lot of people think that a one row box covers the spectrum. You can get depth out of shading, using the crayon harder or softer as you color. They don't blend very well; attempts will yield either a new, unexpected hue or a mess.

How's that for an extended metaphor?
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I used a real email address (my work address) for the AFA poll, because I figured that they would check, and I wanted my answer to count. Consequently, I got an email from them this morning, to confirm my "Action Alert".

I figured as long as they were counting me among the sheep that I would email them. What happened to the poll? What were they going to do with the results? The message I got back was only this: "The poll has ended". Jesus wept. )
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It's a magic thing when both parties give each other enough quality time, however that might be, whether it's in time together, phone calls, emails/letters and such, or even in group interaction with the social circle. Even if you're happy, you can't be sure that your other is feeling significant. It's no fun to feel like the losing lottery ticket.

Everyone has times when they have a full docket. How you treat the people you care about when you have a lot of dishes spinning correlates directly to the shape of your relationship. I, for example, never call/write my best friend often enough, but it's not even a 1/10th of how often I think of her. I'm hanging on by a few threads there, saved because she's known me since we were 14. That's why it's so important when we plan a trip to see each other about once a year.

Established caring relationships can suffer from neglect. New relationships are almost guaranteed to suffer from neglect. In the flux and flow, how can you know your importance to someone else? I even saw a fluff news article once about how a hetero couple is most hormonally alike in the early stages of being together, and spending lots of time together made for stronger bonding. (So if you want to be in love, once a week or so isn't gonna cut it.)

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The stoic twin of patience is also indifference.

There are lots of ways to make up for not being there, different ways that work with different people. Like, I'm a sucker for the little hello or gift, but sugar like that burns off too fast and leaves me wanting -- so that flicker of attention is really not so good. (It depends on the gift. Flowers have more charisma.) Something more substantial is what it takes to keep me happy. I usually need it in words.

They can be written on the back of that losing ticket.
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Do you read product labels? Do you read the ingredients *and* the nutrition facts?

If you see salmon & mackerel listed in your Pocky ingredients, do you find out why?

Have you ever wondered why organic foods are usually made with sea salt, and if this is for any reason other than marketing?

Do you compare price per pound, rather than price per unit? How about total food value?

Did you know that marshmallows, McDonald's milkshakes, and Tillamook sour cream all contain gelatine? It's in the sour cream for texture.

If you have a choice, do you make a choice?
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From The Water Room (by Christopher Fowler, who writes magnificently):

"I'll be more careful next time."

"There won't be a next time, Arthur. What will it take to make you act in a responsible manner?"


On the bus I overheard a zen buddhist speaking to another about a hospice where her father had been cared for, in his last days, according to their beliefs. They were discussing the problem of care at hospitals. It wasn't until the end of the conversation that she said that they were buddhist, so I found myself wondering what religion or belief system they followed. Were they atheist? Pagan? Pastafarian? And how would each of any of those deal with impending death?

if you've ever wondered what I think about dying; a hint of my religious views; don't assume you know )
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I've noticed that when I tell someone (in text) to meet me at some place, such as XYZ Widget Co. in Some City, at the corner of Main and First Ave, across from the Sears, the other person replies back with the question: "Do you have an address?"


If I look up the address for XYZ Widget Co., I will also get a map, most likely, via their website or a listing like Lost In Some City or SomeCitySearch. So... how about cutting out the middle man? Why doesn't the person meeting me plug in the info in the search engine of choice, then get the map/directions from the map generator of choice?

If I had the address without looking it up, I would have provided it in the initial email/comment, with a link.

By asking me for the address, the recipient has failed a test. It's a little test, only a small percentage of the grade, but nevertheless... . It's about equivalent to wearing the wrong color of socks,but without the eccentric charm. Discussing after dinner, while still at the table, your measure/criteria for server tip amount is much, much worse. Though that's still not the deal breaker that cutting me off in conversation to tell me how I'm wrong is.

That's one of mine. What makes you just a little bit peevish? What's a deal breaker?
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I hate rules. I like respect, good manners, thoughtful conduct, being considerate. I hate rules.

I could list some that come to mind that I think are stupid, but they would be too specific and anyway, I know that they are somebody else's rules, so what do they have to do with me?

But I hate rules. Hate like hate, viceral, growl-inducing, spitting hate. Hate like "I will defy this rule simply because it exists".

Yes, I tolerate physics, but only because I don't have a choice.
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I attribute having lost a lot of weight over the last year or so to a few key changes to the foods that I consume, since I'm only a little more active. (I generally eat less now, too.) One of the things that I've done is cut out hydrogenated oils, as much possible. The problem is that when I tell people that, I have a hard time explaining why. So here, I'm posting this article: Trans Fats article

Text of the link )

While small amounts of trans fats are found naturally in meat and dairy foods, these fats are mostly found in processed foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils, including many baked goods (such as donuts and cookies), snack foods (chips and crackers), margarines (especially stick), microwave popcorns, frozen meals, and even some peanut butters. They're created when vegetable oils undergo a chemical process ("hydrogenation") that makes them more solid. Manufacturers like hydrogenated oils for obvious reasons--they make foods crisp, creamy, moist, flavorful, and shelf-stable. Much fast food is also fried in partially hydrogenated oil, because the oil stands up well to repeated use. But the trans fats that result act like saturated fats in the body, raising total and LDL ("bad") blood cholesterol. In addition, trans fats lower protective HDL ("good") cholesterol. They may also increase triglycerides and inflammation and have been linked to an increased risk of diabetes. A 1999 Harvard report estimated that replacing trans fats with unsaturated vegetable oils could prevent at least 30,000 heart disease deaths in the U.S. each year.

the rest )

I've found some really wonderful products. Thanks to a non-hydrogenated oil (vegan) shortening, [livejournal.com profile] divinityof_fire makes biscuits again sometimes. (Yay for me.) Did you know that not all shortening is *vegetable* shortening? And while I ♥ butter, there is a non-margarine, non-animal fat spread that tastes quite good & melts really well. Thriftway and PCC (and I'm sure, Whole Foods and Metropolitan Markets... some items even at WalMart!) carry these. Annie's makes bunny shaped crackers that are at least as tasty as Pepperidge Farm goldfish. Newman O's beat Oreos. Actually, I feel that most of the healthier products taste better.

Certainly, I could just not buy any snack food & junk food prepared foods. If I started with raw ingredients all the time, all my meals would be more wholesome. And as it is, I don't eat a lot of them. But sometimes, I really want a potato chip.

Now I just need to find a good explanation for why I avoid high fructose corn syrup!
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This week contains a series of refresher lessons where the moral is "don't count on it". I will share some with you:

Email provides a false sense of communication/connection ) Don't expect buses to be conveniently timed or to smell pleasantly. )

There was a third one, but I can't remember it now that I've come back to typing this up. Oh wait, I remember one now. No matter what the situation, you can only do your part. Sort of corollary to that is: You can be unhappy about it, but if you don't want to ask for more or something else, what your given is what you're going to get.

On the other hand, want is force of progress.
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...only operates if a person is being pressured by those she considers to be her peers.
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I am not my gender, my race, or my age. I am not my sexual orientation. I am not my religion, my political affiliation, or the my shoe size.

Neither are you, in my eyes.

There will be things with which you feel an affinity, and your background, history, and upbringing will influence who you are, but they are not all that you are. Assumptions based on appearance are a social norm, but they are not good. It does a subtle kind of damage when you encourage others to categorize you. It perpetuates an acceptable level of agism, sexism, and racism. It promotes cliqueish behavior.

The facets of what we are should enhance us, as jewelry would. Our differences should not create barriers between us, because every one of us is a minority of 1. It's hard enough to bridge the basic barriers of running around in our own skins -- why must the tone of that skin complicate understanding? Appearing to be alike doesn't make two people alike.

I live the way that I want the world to be. That may be naive, but I accept my naiveté. How can anything exist if you don't believe in it? I live in the world I make, as much as possible. I think it's important to shape your world into the way you want it with everything you do. Everything matters. Actively participate in your life.

That's not everything that I want to say, just a little of it.
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If I created the world, we would still have plumbing, factories, and cheese. We would not have nuclear power, airplanes, or rubber tires -- not because of my opinion on the goodness of any of those things, but because they wouldn't have occurred to me. Let me explain: )

Am I alone in this oddity of thinking? If I'm not, what is one thing, of each category, to you?
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Article found on Enjae's LJ. I'm posting it here, too, because this is something that really irks me. I haven't bought paper towels in years. The only cleaning product that I use is a parsley based one from Seventh Generation. I've been using washable microfiber towels (and a mop) for years, and, you know what? They *work*.

The two of us produce about 1 t-shirt bag sized amount of trash per week. You know how? Because we use *re-usable* things, like tupperware-type containers instead of saran wrap, and linens, and we buy things with minimal packaging. "Individual portion cups" are anathema. I pack my lunch to take to work; it doesn't take any more effort to portion it for myself.

I ask for a mug for my latte. I don't use straws when I'm sitting still in a restaurant. I don't need a bag when/if I buy a 2 liter bottle of something or a six-pack, or a single item like a box of cereal or a CD or book.

All it takes it to start seeing what you do out of habit, and for it to matter to you.

article )
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Did my hour of writing, but I haven't transcribed it yet because I got distracted with this rant, which is not as sexual as the icon implies:

Is Slut a Bad Word? )
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Some time ago, someone asked me what I meant by "in love", vs. having a crush. The answer was pretty long, and I meant to come back to it and do a post, but it got lost in the plethora of files on my harddrive. Well, here it is.

If you ever wondered about sleeping butterflies )


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