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Ten years ago this month, I shared my first story on the internet. I had only been online for a few months. My very first fanfiction was "The Universe is Resting in My Arms." I don't know the precise date of posting, because FF.net took it down for being a songfic, which is against the TOS. (Nina Gordon's "Tonight and the Rest of My Life.")

Weirdly, they did it something like 8 years after it had been posted and shortly after I found out that it was listed as an example of songfic on TVtropes.org. The dead link is still there.

There is a rather elegant Cardcaptor Sakura version of this in The Universe is Resting in My Arms. The lyrics flow almost seamlessly into the story — this troper did not realise it was a songfic until seeing them quoted in one hit at the end.

I wish I knew who added that.

I do, however, have the December 6, 2003 date for "Indian Summer, Blackthorn Winter." That's ten years ago as of tomorrow.

Today is Thankful Thursday )
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  1. stories
  2. Success:French lentil soup with bacon and homemade chicken stock
  3. There was ample & wholesome dinner at the end of very, very hungry.
  4. Seattle Public Library
  5. “Sometimes, the world is shit,” she told him. “Coffee makes it better. You don’t even have to drink it. You just hold it in your hand,” she cradled her plastic cup, “and smell it. It’s one good thing.” 

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1. "Her hair looks like bacon." - my niece G, commenting on Fiona's picture in the last Shrek movie.

2. Hot milk with caramel. Sleeepy, now.

3. Freshly washed bedding. Or, a made bed, at least. Haven't crawled in yet.

4. There are musicians who tell fantastic stories with their songs, instead of singing vapid love songs or obnoxious ones that make people dumber. Thank you, Vienna Teng and Regina Spektor.

5. It may take me a while to think of the fifth one, but I usually can.
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Because 5 things make a post, om nom nom.

1. The weakest link has been removed from the chain. More work for me, but overall very much for the better. I don't feel very bad that this got the first position in my thankful list tonight.

2. Chocolate glazed, chocolate cake Top Pot donuts are really good when left in the refrigerator. Quiche is even tastier when someone has made it for you... magic dinner! Quesadillas. Being someone who enjoys her fuel consumption. The luxury of having a "favorite food."

3. [livejournal.com profile] coffeedaiv. Who didn't have to take a sick day.

4. Aya is returning to his obnoxious self, after a week of kitty cold that included losing his meow. No, really. He has a lousy immune system. Shiva cat only had two days of mild sneezing, but Aya has been knocked down with a very human-like crud (cough, sneezing, no meow) for almost a week. I should not laugh. It's probably my fault that they, indoor cats, got colds at all.

5. Being energetic after a bad night's sleep. Being energetic after TWO bad nights of sleep (for different reasons). Go acupuncture!
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1. My home is warm.
2. Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house is a go!
3. Whenever I get around to enjoying an old book (J. Kagan's Hellspark, this time), I remember that there are a lot of good books I still haven't read.
4. I don't hate my red coat anymore. The despair washed right out. Maybe it helps that I put it to work right after the cleaning.
5. The kitchen is now mine. On to the making of stuffing!


Apr. 5th, 2007 12:07 pm
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EDIT: Oh, it's Thursday. Today I am thankful... .
1. ...for all the times I've done the right thing, and the couple of things I've done right. ^_^;
2. ...for Crate & Barrel Outlet.
3. ...for just the sale I needed at Cost Plus World Market. The savings there balanced out the cost of 2-day shipping on the barware.
4. ...for socially busy people with lots of friends, who count me in that number.
5. ...for all the good stuff that's come out of being online.

Well I had to buy glassware, didn't I? What were people going to drink out of otherwise? You can't enjoy a cosmo out of a white ceramic coffee mug. And napkins. I had to buy cloth napkins. If I wasn't going to have any one-use dishware at my little shindig*, I certainly wasn't going to have paper napkins.

I'm sure that I would have spent more going to Norwescon. I know I would have wanted to spend more at Comiccon. And back when I would have been buying a pass, I didn't know the hard numbers on Hawaii yet. And stuff.

*If you think you should have gotten an invitation, but didn't, email me. If you are a close (and local) friend and didn't see your invitation, let me know!
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Because despite anxiety dreams (my subconscious is Captain Obvious), I'm in a great mood.

1. I am thankful for Christopher, who let me set up a late appointment to get a very overdue haircut. Nevermind that I live above a different salon. I don't wanna trade.

2. Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] divinityof_fire and I are finally having our hooray-we're-done-moving celebration dinner. I get steak!

3. I've been paid, which makes 2 and 1 both possible.

4. Yesterday, I sorted out the last file in the Space-Making Project of Doom: going through two years worth of completed files, pulling out duplicates and unnecessary items. All that's left is the shredding. I've already separated out non security-issue papers into the regular recycling.

5. Funstuff on Saturday!
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You may have thought you were done reading Thankful posts. Perhaps you are. {wink} That'll do )
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1. The good taste to edit out what I first wrote for 1.

2. I'm at a job where I really can take breaks.

3. My day started with an Americano that tasted good. Lunch was Bengal lentil soup. Dinner will be happy hour at Cascadia (miniburgers!).

4. The P.I. Globe at night. Shiny!

5. I can think of more than 5 things for which to be thankful.
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I am thankful for...

...the barista at Ancient Grounds, who tests that the whipped cream hasn't gone bad by licking it off the back of his hand. Kinda sexy.

...that my friends listen with interest, sometimes with sympathy.

...for the little man under the dome of the International Fountain, who controls the water jets. Pay no attention to the little man!

...for making bonus again this month.

...that Munch's "The Scream" and "Madonna" have been recovered.

And now, a meme. 60 Questions: please excuse the agist intro )
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Thankful Thursday
1. Plenty of hot water
2. Sweet potato gnocci, which is proof that the gods love us and want us to be happy
3. "Embracing the Mystery" by Charles de Lint is exactly the right length for me to complete (re)reading on my AM commute, if I finish the last paragraph while walking.
4. Self-editing.
5. Little tabs of thin copper that are bookmarks. The one I have has a spade shape, so that I can even point it to the line I'm on.

I know that life is unpredictably short, but must I really cram as much into every hour of it as possible? My dreams have been staying in deep subconscious lately to spare me the stimulous, I think. Work has picked up just enough to keep me off LJ; emails have been quickly read/replied. The week so far )
After Sunday, I'm taking a break until at least the end of March. I want to come home after work and stay home. I want to eat simple, even plain, food. I want to have an hour to read in bed before I give up to Morpheus. I'm not complaining. I've been having fun, mostly, but I need to take it down a few notches.
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-It's just a job.
-The happiness she gets from eating her tuna salad sandwich across from me is greater than the annoyance the smell brings me. Proof that I'm a kind person, right? {grimace}
-I have a stunning view. That's why the co-worker that I can't stand is constantly coming up to stand behind my chair. See, I'm an understanding person!
-Hey, there's work! Double because I'm the only one here!
-All emotional states are temporary.
-The later sunsets mean that I'm getting home while it's still light out, and they play tricks on my sense of the day's passage. And since I couldn't leave for lunch, I get to go home at five! EDIT: Some confusion about who is setting the alarm & locking up means that I may not get to leave at five.


*my boss sent me a joke email to make me smile, and I did


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