Apr. 5th, 2007


Apr. 5th, 2007 12:07 pm
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EDIT: Oh, it's Thursday. Today I am thankful... .
1. ...for all the times I've done the right thing, and the couple of things I've done right. ^_^;
2. ...for Crate & Barrel Outlet.
3. ...for just the sale I needed at Cost Plus World Market. The savings there balanced out the cost of 2-day shipping on the barware.
4. ...for socially busy people with lots of friends, who count me in that number.
5. ...for all the good stuff that's come out of being online.

Well I had to buy glassware, didn't I? What were people going to drink out of otherwise? You can't enjoy a cosmo out of a white ceramic coffee mug. And napkins. I had to buy cloth napkins. If I wasn't going to have any one-use dishware at my little shindig*, I certainly wasn't going to have paper napkins.

I'm sure that I would have spent more going to Norwescon. I know I would have wanted to spend more at Comiccon. And back when I would have been buying a pass, I didn't know the hard numbers on Hawaii yet. And stuff.

*If you think you should have gotten an invitation, but didn't, email me. If you are a close (and local) friend and didn't see your invitation, let me know!

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