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Dinner last night was grilled cheese (havarti, horseradish cheddar, and sharp provolone with garlic mustard aioli) (on sourdough) and tomato soup.

However, my favorite vegetarian food of all may be L's homemade miso soup, in which she puts pan-toasted pepitas. No other miso soup is as tasty and most aren't vegetarian.
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I want to be the one driving on a road trip. Listening to music and singing along rank right up there with paying attention to the road.

When I was a kid and we took road trips in the old white Chevy Suburban, I was usually asleep in the back (Seatbelts, what?) until we stopped.
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I *am* super-smart. Since I'm not averagely rich, I'd take it.

I don't think very well of those who would be okay with "average" smarts if it meant they could be super-rich. Way to be shallow. I would be willing to be vastly more intelligent even if it meant that my material goods would be less. I suspect that the correlation would be intentional. Most of the recent answers to this question were the choice for smarts, saying that smarts would lead to riches. The assumption that material wealth is the intelligent person's choice is pretty sad.

As wealth increases beyond the level of basic comforts, it acquires cost of its own. Notice how many rich folk are misers? Think of the cost of upkeep for fancy houses and cars, not to mention keeping up with the society of the wealthy. And it's not as if you could really remain in mainstream society if you had bursting bank accounts, unless you never did anything with it, in which case -- what is the point? It might even be a tough thing to keep the friends you had pre-riches. Even suppose that you could remain anonymous as a philanthropist, at the very least the I.R.S. would know, which would mean that your tax preparer would need to know, and if you have a tax preparer you may as well have a lawyer, and the law firm would advise you to invest your money, which means more lawyers and "people"... and so on. Next thing you know, you're involved in politics.

No, I think being super-smart would mean figuring out how to finally be free of the entanglements of material things. Having average wealth would be more than enough.
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Wouldn't it be interesting if it were someone on the other side of the world, someone so remote that I would never know of that person otherwise? I wonder if that person's thoughts would be in the language he spoke/knew (because, what if he could not speak?) or in the language of thought? Would we find ourselves to be completely alien to each other, or would we find out how universal any two human beings can be?

Oh, I think that would be a thing of wonder!


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