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For me, writing 2,000 words on a single day is something I've only done for fanfic. I don't think of it as a lot, just a lot for *me*. Holy cow, I still can't believe how well this morning's writing went for word count.

As for quality, I think it is NaNoWriMo quality. A lot of this writing will probably get junked for parts, but what I'm getting out of it is the real substance of the whole story, all the way to the custard filling.

I can do this, not because I "live to write" or "the story must be told" or any of those things, but because I want this.
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Without realizing what I was doing, I just put J in an emotional position that echoes the way her father abandoned her and her sister. Dang, that sucks for her. What a great place to work from tomorrow.
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You can find me there as chrysalisdreams.

Now I'm off to dinner with my dad.

Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2010 12:03 am
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Midnight. I'm up. I may as well start the writing.


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