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On AO3 because it doesn't fit in a post.

My NaNoWriMo novel has once again blurred the lines. New headcanon: the Clow Cards that manifest as sprites contain actual fairies. Since the Cards are under the jurisdiction of the four elements, and each of the cardinal directions is associated with an element, then the various fairies/faeries are from Faerie's four lands (Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring).

Summary: Young Clow Reed has an ambitious spell all prepared. If it goes as planned, he will command elemental power. He's confident that he can avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of such a potent spell going out of control... even if he's the first magician to try anything like it (and even though his voice hasn't even finished changing).

I would have posted this to [profile] tsukimineshrine but the rewatch post just went up.

Apparently I needed a break from the WIP, because I sat down to nano last night and produced this fanfic instead.
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I'm procrastinating, but honestly I don't know what these characters say to each other for the rest of the scene. Then it's a jump ahead to put spit and polish on the wedding, and I'm pretty much done.

As in ending. The End. {freaks out and flails}

I've spent ten years with this story. ( Insert scene from Grosse Point Blank, which is what I think of every time.) The only thing it beats out as a WIP is Key, and that doesn't have nearly as many words on it. This is the story that I wanted to do so much that I wouldn't abandon it. There was always a next-chapter draft in a folder on whatever computer I was using, even when I went four years without updating.

The procrastination is kind of funny, actually. Get up, water. Get up, bathroom. Get up, Farmers Market. Make lunch, eat lunch. Pet the cat. Change clothes. Water. Internet.

I'm going to finish it today, and if so post it today, and if so... say goodbye today. *weeps*
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Help L-chan out by taking the poll, please! If there is interest, we may do some fun things for the 10th anniversary.

the future of the community

If you are a Cardcaptor Sakura fanfiction fan, follow the link and add your input, too. You don't have to have participated in any of the previous community activities.

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Hey, that's my fanfic that TV Tropes is using as example of songfic. (Cardcaptor Sakura, "The Universe is Resting in My Arms.") Ha!

I discovered this because FF.net has just informed me that it's a violation of guidelines and has been removed. (This, after eight years.) The link from TVTropes.org still works as of a few minutes ago. I'm not sure if I should do anything about any of this.
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Off of Prompt 263 at [community profile] daily_prompt:You see I'm falling in the vast abyss
Clouded by memories of the past

If it's too similar to his musings in the earlier part of the fanfic, I'll probably cut it, even though I like the reference to Tinkerbell. Ideally, since I'm heading to the end, it will balance/tie-in to that earlier section.
Snippet from the next installment of Take Comfort )
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Amusing if you know anything about Card Captor Sakura or Holic

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Several members of my f'list have brought up anime in some way, CCS fanfic in particular, and my brain has been poked to spit out a recurring question. When manga canon and anime canon differ...
does anime canon supersede manga canon,
do you use a blended canon, or
do you consider them separate universes?

Is your approach different if it's book canon vs. movie canon?
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Guilt guilt guilt. This, from that slightly embarrassing author self-insertion Yue-fic:

"She regarded him with an unfaltering adoration; she wrote poetry to him. She had promised him a happy ending. She promised not to leave him until he didn’t need her anymore."

On fanfic )
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Here I am, in the mood to spin off a bit of fic (say, 500 words, nothing fancy), and [livejournal.com profile] tsukimineshrine doesn't have a challenge for this week.

Which I would have known if I checked in more regularly. {chagrin}

But I'm off the challenge list! {runs around like little naked kid escaping the bathtub} How liberating it feels! I didn't even know I wanted to be off it.

I feel like writing something about Ruby Moon. Let's see what happens.

Oh, yeah?

Dec. 28th, 2004 05:28 pm
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Just when I think, "Hm. I haven't seen a review in while," I get one. Another good one.

My fanfic readership may be small tiny, but they are occasionally articulate (in feedback) and I appreciate every one of them. (Even the mole girl.)

And then a voice whispers, "They'll hate you for the ending, you know."

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...or have it today. I hope this ends your day better than it has been for you.

A little Sonomi & Tomoyo ficlet for [livejournal.com profile] violeteves, because it is her birthday on Wednesday!

decisions and revisions )

. . .

Jul. 11th, 2004 04:10 pm
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A little petal of sadness
has drifted into my thoughts
On this blue sky day
with the wind chimes singing

It alighted, unexpected
And suddenly a breeze of memory
sent it spinning, dancing,
Catching my notice in the quiet hour.

I remember how, for a little while
you were in my life
And the petal, soft and pink,
Flutters and sticks to my dry cheek.

Despite the above, my thoughts today were mostly silly. Like, CCS AUs that shouldn't happen.

Gender )

Winnie the Pooh )

And the thoughts that come from watching Gravitation and Fruits Basket (again) on the same weekend:

Duck, Duck, Goose )

Oh, and one more thing, since I have obviously been in a poeming mood of late.
bad limericks )

And that's enough of that. And, strangely, MY FRIENDS PAGE IS STILL STUCK AT WHERE IT WAS 2 DAYS AGO!!!
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RANDOM ADD-ON TO THIS POST (6/21): Lord help me! Now at least 1 person thinks that I actually support this pairing! Sweet mother of Clow! (And speaking of Clow -- I'm writing some of "My Name..." this morning, and I'm planning to put a teaser up this afternoon (LJ only) so... stay tuned.)

Dueling poems with William Shakespeare ("Let me not to the marriage of true minds...") and Christina Rosetti ("What Would I Give"), and it's a food fic, and dear gods it hurt like hell to write. I barely lasted to the almost 2000 words, and I'm so jumpy (espresso) that I forgot the disclaimer! TouyaxYue Only on ff.net so Konnie can read it. The last stanza of the Rosetti poem applies to me right now:
make me clean )

All in all, I think I did a good job with it. But maybe it's the caffeine talking. I am never writing anyone else's OTP again. In fact, I'm not going to write any more pairings at all. Which means: )
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(butterfly’s pen)
His wingéd beauty is not mine to own,
Nor did his being spring from my pale dreams,
Yet in my dreams, how often he has flown,
This love of mine who is not as he seems.
Velvet his eyes, of changing purple hue --
Ice cold, to chill a deeply burning grief --
Luminous eyes, of silver-flashing-blue,
Reveal a hidden heart without relief.
My pen belongs to him, to heal his soul,
His story to be told in my weak voice;
To fill this world with him has been my goal;
To weave my dreams for him has been my choice.
For thinking of him, only, my heart skips
Imagining the texture of his lips.
Author’s Note: Another sonnet.  Yes, I am very much a Yue fangirl.  This is why I write.  If you read my stories, you will find that I do indeed imagine the texture of Yue’s lips (like iris petals: “Clow Stories, Kiss”) and I believe him to be grieving deeply for Clow (“Take Comfort”).  He is not mine; I am reminded every time by the required disclaimer.  But most of my stories on ff.net are Yue stories, because my pen does truly belong to him.
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Enchanting Enchantress
(A birthday sonnet for Sakura)

A little green-eyed girl with conjured wings
Surveys her kingdom while her charges sleep;
She questions not the burden of such things
As those she must protect, and promises to keep.

A naïve girl whose heart is pure and kind,
Our story's princess, heroine, and maid,
Who never knew the magic she would find,
The love she'd wake, the role that would be played.

She watches over those who'll never know
How magic's a capricious thing of whim:
The Mistress over creatures made by Clow,
Sakura, destined to now surpass him.

Cherry blossom that's poised to never fall,
Lovely enchantress who enchants us all.

[Poet's note: Written in under one hour to fulfill the Tsukimine Shrine
mini-challenge. April is not only Sakura Kinomoto's birthday month, but it
is also National Poetry Month... and my birthday month too! As you already
know, all things CCS are the property of CLAMP. I don't own the sonnet
form, either, because that's free to anyone who wants to torture herself
with rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter.]


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