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 OMG, the things that turn up when you're looking for something else.
I once started writing a sequel to two of my oddest (and that is saying something) fanfics for Card Captor Sakura. I titled it "Meeting As if By Chance," got in 4,000 words, and then forgot about it. It's... astounding.
The first fic was one called "Matters of Chance," and it was done for an "original character" challenge. My OC was an estranged cousin to the canon's main character's late mother; the story took place during the time when the main character's parents met. Her name was Kikuu, and she was a Japanese girl from Los Angeles. She had the magic ability to influence chance and fate.
The second fic was "Hunger," set in an alternative universe in which -- challenge requirement -- one of the primary canon characters did not exist. I removed the main character (Sakura) as well as her older brother. Her mother lived, and the new magic girl was the third child. In this fic, my favorite character, Yue, doesn't get the gift of magic that lets him live, because there is no brother to give it to him. Instead, he takes it from a weaker source -- the mother -- and it beaten bloody by the magic girl (Yuriko). The story ends on a note of doom for Yue, as he flees from Yuriko, still starving for the magic power that he needs.
"Meeting As if By Chance" picks up at the end of "Hunger." I know at the time that I couldn't leave AU Yue to that ending. I didn't finish the fic... possibly because it happened around the time of a lot of chaos for me, possibly because it only bears the slightest relationship to canon.
Anyway. Here it is.
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Awesome! Someone has put a bunch of Card Captor Sakura (now out of print) episodes on YouTube. Here's the channel. If you only watch one, watch Episode 6. (Parts 1, 2, & 3) I think it exemplifies what made this show stand out.

I hope these get to stay up for a while.
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Intended to be the penultimate chapter: 27. At least a third of the ending chapter is already written. I've had big chunks of the ending since 2005 or so.

*falls over*
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Hey, that's my fanfic that TV Tropes is using as example of songfic. (Cardcaptor Sakura, "The Universe is Resting in My Arms.") Ha!

I discovered this because FF.net has just informed me that it's a violation of guidelines and has been removed. (This, after eight years.) The link from TVTropes.org still works as of a few minutes ago. I'm not sure if I should do anything about any of this.
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Off of Prompt 263 at [community profile] daily_prompt:You see I'm falling in the vast abyss
Clouded by memories of the past

If it's too similar to his musings in the earlier part of the fanfic, I'll probably cut it, even though I like the reference to Tinkerbell. Ideally, since I'm heading to the end, it will balance/tie-in to that earlier section.
Snippet from the next installment of Take Comfort )
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From the dedication page of The Darkangel:
To Joy, Carnell, and Dr. Green,
this dream of the Moon
-Meredith Ann Pierce

[Yue has a series of bad dreams after reading a fantasy novel, featuring various people he knows in place of the novel's characters.]

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Amusing if you know anything about Card Captor Sakura or Holic

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Several members of my f'list have brought up anime in some way, CCS fanfic in particular, and my brain has been poked to spit out a recurring question. When manga canon and anime canon differ...
does anime canon supersede manga canon,
do you use a blended canon, or
do you consider them separate universes?

Is your approach different if it's book canon vs. movie canon?
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Guilt guilt guilt. This, from that slightly embarrassing author self-insertion Yue-fic:

"She regarded him with an unfaltering adoration; she wrote poetry to him. She had promised him a happy ending. She promised not to leave him until he didn’t need her anymore."

On fanfic )

CCSers --

Mar. 31st, 2006 03:14 pm
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Is anybody writing anything for Sakura's birthday? Because I'm not sure I even have a drabble in me for posting tomorrow. My [livejournal.com profile] one_blanket is due in slightly over a week and it's not done. I don't want to spend too much of my writing time producing fanfic... .

The only good ideas I've come up with mutate into Clow fics. I know that's not really anything to complain about.

BTW, can anyone explain what the hell actually happens at the end of the 2nd movie? The magic involved doesn't make sense to me.
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Enchanting Enchantress
(A birthday sonnet for Sakura)

A little green-eyed girl with conjured wings
Surveys her kingdom while her charges sleep;
She questions not the burden of such things
As those she must protect, and promises to keep.

A naïve girl whose heart is pure and kind,
Our story's princess, heroine, and maid,
Who never knew the magic she would find,
The love she'd wake, the role that would be played.

She watches over those who'll never know
How magic's a capricious thing of whim:
The Mistress over creatures made by Clow,
Sakura, destined to now surpass him.

Cherry blossom that's poised to never fall,
Lovely enchantress who enchants us all.

[Poet's note: Written in under one hour to fulfill the Tsukimine Shrine
mini-challenge. April is not only Sakura Kinomoto's birthday month, but it
is also National Poetry Month... and my birthday month too! As you already
know, all things CCS are the property of CLAMP. I don't own the sonnet
form, either, because that's free to anyone who wants to torture herself
with rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter.]


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