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Jan. 16th, 2017 08:04 pm
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 I kept finding references to "the envelope sonnet" but I wasn't sure which I had meant. Just now I found it. February 2005 paper journal. It's... wow.

an Envelope Sonnet
A feather touch quills each soft, careful line
Each letter caressed with slow, conscious care
Adorned in serif, but with meaning bare
Though posed for you behaved, contained, confined
Behind the words, a hushed ardor retreats;
Beneath each phrase, my roiling hungers sink;
My uninvited longing sighs as ink
in strokes across the grain of smooth, calm sheets
Restraint is in this poem I write for you
That won’t be copied in digital font,
But do you guess how my desires rage
When my tongue slides along the strip of glue
And tastes the defined edge of this sharp want
Caught in the folding of a paper cage?
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"Inspired" by my favorite Edna St. Millay poem, "Rosemary"

For the sake of all the things
That I want to restore
I will write new stories
Using old folklore,
Earl Grey, hot, with bergamot
Will be the tea I pour.

For the sake of faded things
That could be bright again
I won't use an umbrella
against the Seattle rain
I will scribble renga,
and sonnets, and cinquain.

Many things are built upon
What once was everyday.
For the sake of humorous
hyperbole that's gone away
I will learn to curse with "Struth!"
and "The devil you say!".
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Title taken from a previous poem.
This is my 2nd annual Valentine Sonnet, with the same percentage of fiction as last year's.

French Sonnet )
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This nothing's more than matter. ~ Laertes
There's rosemary, that's for remembrance... there is pansies, that's for thoughts... there's rue for you, and some for me ~ Ophelia
Hamlet Act IV, Scene V

envelope sonnet )
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Karada ~ a form of Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) that wraps the full body in a net. [link w/pictures, not work safe]

poem )
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(butterfly’s pen)
His wingéd beauty is not mine to own,
Nor did his being spring from my pale dreams,
Yet in my dreams, how often he has flown,
This love of mine who is not as he seems.
Velvet his eyes, of changing purple hue --
Ice cold, to chill a deeply burning grief --
Luminous eyes, of silver-flashing-blue,
Reveal a hidden heart without relief.
My pen belongs to him, to heal his soul,
His story to be told in my weak voice;
To fill this world with him has been my goal;
To weave my dreams for him has been my choice.
For thinking of him, only, my heart skips
Imagining the texture of his lips.
Author’s Note: Another sonnet.  Yes, I am very much a Yue fangirl.  This is why I write.  If you read my stories, you will find that I do indeed imagine the texture of Yue’s lips (like iris petals: “Clow Stories, Kiss”) and I believe him to be grieving deeply for Clow (“Take Comfort”).  He is not mine; I am reminded every time by the required disclaimer.  But most of my stories on ff.net are Yue stories, because my pen does truly belong to him.
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Enchanting Enchantress
(A birthday sonnet for Sakura)

A little green-eyed girl with conjured wings
Surveys her kingdom while her charges sleep;
She questions not the burden of such things
As those she must protect, and promises to keep.

A naïve girl whose heart is pure and kind,
Our story's princess, heroine, and maid,
Who never knew the magic she would find,
The love she'd wake, the role that would be played.

She watches over those who'll never know
How magic's a capricious thing of whim:
The Mistress over creatures made by Clow,
Sakura, destined to now surpass him.

Cherry blossom that's poised to never fall,
Lovely enchantress who enchants us all.

[Poet's note: Written in under one hour to fulfill the Tsukimine Shrine
mini-challenge. April is not only Sakura Kinomoto's birthday month, but it
is also National Poetry Month... and my birthday month too! As you already
know, all things CCS are the property of CLAMP. I don't own the sonnet
form, either, because that's free to anyone who wants to torture herself
with rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter.]


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