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I have set DW to crosspost automatically to LJ. I hadn't done it before because I really like DW. I reminds me of when I had "duskyjewel" over at LJ. So easy to forget that anyone's ever reading.

The thing is, it has come up recently a few times that folks don't use this (LJ or DW) style of journaling, that they have gone on to other social networking platforms. Facebook has degenerated from its brief time of usefulness. No one knows what to do with tumblr. A smattering of folks use Google+. Wordpress, twitter, instagram, blogspot, Goodreads/Shelfari/Library Thing, and so on. Hell, Ravelry.

Dreamwidth and Twitter offer tools for crossposting across multiple sites, a kind of echo blogging. It is possible to post from Wordpress to DW to LJ, and then post from LJ to FB. There is a way to link your G+ and your FB via Twitter. (Sorry, no links. I don't have special info, so I leave the searches up to you.) I know that Flickr makes sharing to other sites easy.

There are several phone apps for smart phone users. The one I like for posting to DW is El Jay. If you use it for LJ, it works well for reading your f'list as well as posting. (Not so much for DW.)

We migrate to where our friends are, or we start using something because it suits us better. We all have so many choices, now. I like DW. That doesn't mean that my LJ friends have to move over. Because I keep who I am here separate from who I am on lower-content sites (where my family is invited), I've always had a strong compartmentalization. Yet, there are really only two compartments, since I've had the integrated-self approach to self for while. (That is why I started going by "Cristy" to everyone. I favor "Cris" again, but it doesn't feel as much as name-use is linked to different aspects of personality.) I don't even use specialized friends filters anymore. I blog so little as it is, that much falls to the wayside before it ever makes it into an update.

I want to make efforts to rejuvenate the socialization of blogging. So rather than having some content isolate over here, I'll just crosspost everything, so that those who prefer to blog on LJ, primarily or exclusively, still have the option of scrolling over my posts. ^_~

When I post something to blogspot, which I have not for a while, it's easy to share to G+ and here. I still feel disinclined to post the link to FB, because I still feel that FB is a pit. What I less often do is share G+ posts (usually photo sharing) to here. Everything can come here. If you are reading here, you are invited to ignore all of it.

My feeling is that if you blog, and want to get some of that sense of connection back, echoing your voice across multiple platforms is a way to reach your friends who have scattered. It's hard to get discussion going, that way, but discussion isn't happening now as it is. I think that some of the migration off of LJ style blogging happened because people felt uncomfortable writing, felt that they didn't have anything interesting to share. It used to be a lot of memes and quizzes, remember? It must have been more comfortable to tweet or to post short, pointless updates to Facebook. FB has become a reshare hell, pretty much. There is even less content, now.

Even though they are low content to no content, even though they are repostings of visual memes and the LOL of the moment, I think all of that can be echoed. Why not? Are we trying to retain some imagined dignity?

There maybe ways to read ALL YOUR THINGS, but I think I'm more technical than even the average social network user, and I don't use a client or have a feed reader. You may be able to read, but your friend that drifted off to social-network-of-choice may never see what you post to your primary venue, unless you echo it on.

These are my early thoughts on this. I want to tidy them up a bit and see if I can post a more general manifesto on my author-persona Wordpress, etc. Thoughts or comments?


Aug. 10th, 2007 12:20 pm
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How do you know someone? How do you get to know someone?

Is it a matter of time's passage, or of time spent together? That implies that you're listening, observing, and thinking about what you've heard and observed. But how much of that is fiction, created by your own past experience and your assumptions about motivations and background?

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Does it come from conversations? If the person you know is the person who is now, his history has contributed to the present version. However, a person is not her history, not if she grows and changes. All people change over time, whether with intent or by having change imposed. Even our memories about our histories change. Whether or not "time turns all memories into good ones", the forward movement that puts chronological distance between now and the event muddles the memory. Try it. Write an event of today down in as much detail as you can, including your emotional impressions. In a few months or a year, go back to what you have written.

5 things in my history )

Sometimes, the lies stories we tell ourselves are there to free us.

Or is it through some other way? When you say to yourself, I know her, what do you mean? When you think, I don't know anything about him, what do you mean? What do you want to know?

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Me before: Hmmm.

Me now: What?!?

Me before: {continues suspicious glare}

Me now: I bought gold lamé sandals. That's not enough for you?

Me then: You got an amazing bargain. You're gloating because they were probably $90+ footware originally, but you got them for five dollars and forty-something cents.

Me now: That's like thriftstore shopping... .

Me then: {raised eyebrow}

Me now: Want me to buy a dress to match? It's cheaper than yardage and they have my size.

Me then: Not.Even.Remotely.Funny.

Me now: Trust me. No one thinks for a minute that I've grown up, honey.
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It's a magic thing when both parties give each other enough quality time, however that might be, whether it's in time together, phone calls, emails/letters and such, or even in group interaction with the social circle. Even if you're happy, you can't be sure that your other is feeling significant. It's no fun to feel like the losing lottery ticket.

Everyone has times when they have a full docket. How you treat the people you care about when you have a lot of dishes spinning correlates directly to the shape of your relationship. I, for example, never call/write my best friend often enough, but it's not even a 1/10th of how often I think of her. I'm hanging on by a few threads there, saved because she's known me since we were 14. That's why it's so important when we plan a trip to see each other about once a year.

Established caring relationships can suffer from neglect. New relationships are almost guaranteed to suffer from neglect. In the flux and flow, how can you know your importance to someone else? I even saw a fluff news article once about how a hetero couple is most hormonally alike in the early stages of being together, and spending lots of time together made for stronger bonding. (So if you want to be in love, once a week or so isn't gonna cut it.)

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The stoic twin of patience is also indifference.

There are lots of ways to make up for not being there, different ways that work with different people. Like, I'm a sucker for the little hello or gift, but sugar like that burns off too fast and leaves me wanting -- so that flicker of attention is really not so good. (It depends on the gift. Flowers have more charisma.) Something more substantial is what it takes to keep me happy. I usually need it in words.

They can be written on the back of that losing ticket.
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I forgot until this morning, so I didn't put together a pie and/or steak dinner thing. Happy White Day, too. I didn't give out any chocolate last month, so no one owes me anything. But [livejournal.com profile] divinityof_fire did pick up some Joseph Schmidt truffles for us to eat. Well, supposedly us, but I know it's selfish giving. ^_^

Since I've been browsing around for a new username and finding many ideas already in use (not [livejournal.com profile] iammyowndamncat, but you'd all hate me for that one, wouldn't you), it has been intregueing to see what kind of person owns them. [livejournal.com profile] unfinishedpoem is a guy! I also liked [livejournal.com profile] bycandlelight, though I expected that one to be taken.

Unless some unexpected conflicts come up, I'll be doing a costume party (to celebrate moi! as Miss Piggy would say) on April 14th, Saturday evening. Details to follow. L cringed when I said "a bunch of people", but it's my birthday, dammit.
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From [livejournal.com profile] bhagwanx, 5 Q. The rules say that I must provide five questions, for you to answer in your own journal space, upon your request.

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I am not my gender, my race, or my age. I am not my sexual orientation. I am not my religion, my political affiliation, or the my shoe size.

Neither are you, in my eyes.

There will be things with which you feel an affinity, and your background, history, and upbringing will influence who you are, but they are not all that you are. Assumptions based on appearance are a social norm, but they are not good. It does a subtle kind of damage when you encourage others to categorize you. It perpetuates an acceptable level of agism, sexism, and racism. It promotes cliqueish behavior.

The facets of what we are should enhance us, as jewelry would. Our differences should not create barriers between us, because every one of us is a minority of 1. It's hard enough to bridge the basic barriers of running around in our own skins -- why must the tone of that skin complicate understanding? Appearing to be alike doesn't make two people alike.

I live the way that I want the world to be. That may be naive, but I accept my naiveté. How can anything exist if you don't believe in it? I live in the world I make, as much as possible. I think it's important to shape your world into the way you want it with everything you do. Everything matters. Actively participate in your life.

That's not everything that I want to say, just a little of it.

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Aug. 29th, 2006 12:39 pm
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It took me an hour to figure out why a cabinet was labeled "butterflies".

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It's spring; I'm cleaning. Cleaning turns up pictures that I haven't looked at in ages, or forgot about. This one is still not current -- it's from a trip to Maui a while ago -- but, y'know. It's me.

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This is where I am, here, there, and everywhere:



mediaminer.org (slightly better than Desk Drawer, but not in the "Yue-verse" on ff.net)
And, of course, my story journal is [livejournal.com profile] chrysalisdreams.

As of November 2004, the Desk Drawer is gone, and "Clow Stories" is only on mm.org.


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