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I saw a photo of a Paolo Sebastian dress from this collection, and I couldn't believe how close it was a the dress I visualized for Jouet. This whole collection is faerie dresses. I mean, it's birds, vine lace, and little else.

Paolo Sebastian bird dress

And this one

Paolo Sebastian white dress

And this one, with the absurd skirts!
Blue-silver dress


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"I have mixed feelings about this."

"Get rid of them all and RUN!"

Read this clever comic strip. Jim seems quite open minded about who he dates. Marcus listens to his woes. I like that Jim's dates aren't the usual or familiar.
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from [livejournal.com profile] scarlettina
In the comments below, share a factoid or a bit of info that other people can learn about from you (so no making stuff up that isn't true)... advice, educational stuff, whatever. However, do not repeat knowledge on a subject that has already been commented on, and if you see something you didn't know about before make sure to let the person know.

Every one of you has something to contribute. Please share! There may be prizes... .
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First let me get this out of the way:

Don't send flowers on the day before Valentine's Day just because it's cheaper than on the 14th.

And now... Just like lemon juice, paper, and a candle. )


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