May. 18th, 2007

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I won't tell you about work. Work had too much suckage this week, but not enough to overshadow the really cool impromtu dinner that happened yesterday when [ profile] samildanach saw me droopily waiting at the bus stop. He was on his way to meet his lovely bride [ profile] joyful_storm at the pub in the Market, also to be joined by [ profile] mufi, [ profile] aprivatefox, [ profile] spazzychic, and [ profile] zagumus. I'd actually wanting some company instead of heading home to be by myself, and suddenly, I had a very nice one.

Added to the fun evening on Wednesday with [ profile] chaoselemental (and guest), [ profile] kaligrrrl, [ profile] divinityof_fire, and [ profile] spazzychic at Can-Can, I feel like I'm three-fifths of the way caught up with seeing favorite people that I haven't had much time with or seen in a while. Ah, summer.

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