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It's that time, if you want the ultra-cheap dining experience:

$25 Restaurant Certificates $2
Posted on Wed Jan 11 04:52:00 PST 2012

Restaurant.com is now taking 80% off dining certificates via code DINNER through 1/16. This drops the price of a $25 gift certificate, normally $10, to $2.

This is a good way to try out some of those places that are a little more expensive than your usual pick. The weird thing to know about is that you can't combine multiple $25 vouchers onto one $50 or $75 one, when choosing the restaurant. The gift certificates you can choose will be $25 off when you spend $35(food only). That means $12 for a $35 meal, plus drinks, tax, and tip.

The printed gift certificates do not expire. This deal is only for printed certificates, so you will need to choose the restaurant(s) now instead of getting a voucher to apply later. You can buy as many as you want. There is no minimum, so you really can spend $2 and get one voucher, and try it out. Jump on this!
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good through June 30 only

You can at least get a couple of 99 cent songs, on the cloud or to your computer. Maybe just one because of tax -- but hey! A song without spending money!
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I tried out Amazon's new service for shipping. It works fine. Advantages: no packaging except the reusable bag, free shipping on even a small order (unlike their super saver that obliges you to order one thing more to get your $24.98 item to ship free), and you know on which day exactly it will be delivered. The only disadvantage I have come across is that they cannot use gift certificates yet.
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Check it out: LikeList. If you are on FB and don't mind linking up your account, you can sign it with that. There is also an option to sign up from scratch with any email address.

They have a deal going right now. If you sign up and "like" 10 local (to you, I think USA only though) businesses you can get a $25 Restaurant.com coupon. Email "GiftFive@likelist.com" when you are done, indicating the email address you used for your account. They will email the coupon to you within a week.

You can "like" any business at all. You can add places in. You can comment, or not.
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This is a crazy good deal. You pay $2. You get a $25 gift certificate to a Restaurant.com restaurant of your choice. Redeem, print, use within 1 year. Typically, a participating restaurant will ask you to spend $35 at dinner, alcohol not included, gratuity added, to use the certificate.

Here's the deal, which expires Feb 28th:

Follow this link to Restaurant.com

Choose how many $10-for-$25 you want.

Use the discount code SAVOR.

Instead of charging you $10, voila, you're being charged $2.

Check out.

They will send you an email, so you don't have to use the vouchers right away. The gift certs expire 1 year from the time of printing.
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Register here. Go eat with a companion at the Metropolitan Grill sometime before April 17th. Show your printed registration, and later you will get a gift certificate in the mail, a repeat (value) dinner for free!

It's a steak dinner out, and that's already maybe-not-going-to-happen for many of us, but I bet some of you could take advantage of this awesome deal.

I can just imagine players thinking this is GREAT! Go once with one date, then later with a cheap date! That should so not be funny!
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Here's a printable coupon good for 40% off, in-store, from now until Dec. 21st.

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Hp 6940. We don't have the power cable for it, which means that I am not sure that it is in working condition. RePC or Interconnection may have a cable. But it's a good model that takes high capacity cartridges and is a good choice for photo printing.

If you have a cousin printer that uses the same cable (purple end), you could have this one for free to test & sell or give away. If it doesn't work, we'll take it back for e-disposal.
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May 13th between 4pm and 8pm, you can get the new honey flavor of Haagen Dazs free.

I'll be going by the U District location after work today.
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1.I work for a mortgage broker. It occurs to me that I've only mentioned this in passing. If you are thinking about buying or if you already have a house in Washington state, you might want a mortgage broker. It's completely free to talk to one of the loan officers (I'll recommend one) about qualifying for a loan or refinance. Contact me and I'll give you our company info. Comparison shop, or just find out where you stand.

2.Did you know that you can pull your credit report for free (U.S.)? It takes about 10 or 15 minutes; you will need to have some account and previous address information at hand. You won't get your credit scores, but you will get to see if you have a spouse you didn't know about (true story) or are otherwise being held responsible for accounts that belong to someone not you. And all those department store credit cards that you haven't used for years and have forgotten all about? You'll have what you need to know to close them or reactivate them.

3.[livejournal.com profile] divinityof_fire works for a natural pet food store. Better food for your animal companion won't necessarily cost more than what you currently buy, unless you are getting the really cheap stuff. The "natural" brands are more nutritionally dense, too, so it might even work out that you buy less pet food (and clean up less, er, unused volume). Her store will -- and a competitor near you may -- have free samples, about a meal's worth of each brand. Remember that, if payday is a little bit too far away and the kibble is out.
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...except [livejournal.com profile] irishninja, unless he's not the one eating 'em: Free Sample of Chocolates.

I think I'm going to post this link at [livejournal.com profile] surprise_inside also. Haven't been there in months.

Edit: While I'm posting links, I'll add this one to an article with the oddest tone... Caring for Your Introvert. We are *so* the wrong audience for it.


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