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Would you participate in a chocolate potluck? L told us about the chocolate infused booze at Trader Joe's, which would certainly be more enjoyable in company. I can't fund a chocolate festival for my birthday, but I would be quite happy to get a few things and host a chocolate potluck. Cacao items could be drinkable, baked, frozen, or savory as well as in truffle or bar form.

It might be worthwhile to plan this for after Easter (and after Norwescon and Sakuracon). Then we can have some cheap Easter chocolate to represent the low end.

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I think I'm trying to OD on chocolate today.
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No words can accurately capture the magnificence that is the Diablo at Tango. It is not a mere chocolate mousse, nor cake, nor confection. The masters as Tango have collared, but not tamed, a powerful, blood-heating presence unlike any other that I have ever engaged with a fork.

I fear to eat this more than once in 13 months, but we need to gather for (vegetarian) paella, half-priced Monday wine, and cocoa-spice madness sometime sooner than that.
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I keep chocolate in my desk. Right now, there are three kinds: two tiny bars (Cafe Tasse) and one Dagoba. There are bowls of M&Ms and Reese's peanut butter cups in the kitchen, but those are chocolate candy, not to mention full of artificial food coloring and hydrogenated oils. Not food, really. Not chocolate.

Chocolate is a source of iron. Heaven know, we girls need iron. Half of that Dagoba bar is 6% of one's recommended daily iron.

Chocolate is a source of comfort, invoking memories of Easter hunts and other happy times in childhood, memories of sharing after-Valentine's sale truffles with girl friends, memories of a hot beverage by a snapping campfire. For me, add the little cranes I folded out of Halloween chocolate foil wrappers, Christmas chocolate foil wrappers... .

The chocolate of memory always tastes as good as a Cafe Tasse, a Santander, a Venchi, a Flyer. I'm partially glad that my once beloved Cadbury Fruit & Nut is difficult to find, never at the grocery store where I usually shop. My eyes go right past Hershey's. The last time I ate Hershey's, it was waxy and bland. Memory's kisses melt with the sweet smoothness of single-origin fine cacao. Okay, maybe that's pushing it.

I know that I am spoiled for lesser chocolate. I can go slumming sometimes, eat ice cream with candy bars mixed in. I'm a snob. A chocolate snob. Fran's? Generic. Diletante? Too sweet, not enough cocoa mass. Never mind Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Godiva? Ah, no.

Americans don't make chocolate. Only the Germans, the Swiss, the Spanish and French seems to know what to do with the product of that vegetable god of the tropics. Americans cut the beautiful stimulant with processed sugar, vegetable and animal fats, and paraffin to make chocolate cheap and accessable. Is that a good thing? Do children need to eat chocolate? How does society benefit from egalitarian cocoa?

If I were Empress, would I horde chocolate in my imperial vaults, to be distributed only to the select few? And without the early addiction to the brain chemical altering goodness of chocolate, would anyone but connoisseurs of rare foods want any?

If chocolate imperiled my life, would I stop eating it? What kind of life would I have, what kind of quality of life would I have without chocolate to eat?

If my religion forbade the consumption of chocolate, would I abandoned my religion? What kind of god would create chocolate but not allow the pleasure of it?
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There was a man in a cylinder shaped booth outside of the grocery store giving out samples of drinking chocolate. Thriftway has started carrying Schokinagna's line of chocolate mix for hot chocolate. Their Extreme Dark is what Starbucks was using for their Chantico European-style drinking chocolate up until around three months before they took it off their menu. (They switched to a lower quality chocolate than the German, and what they were using contained paraffin & vegetable oil, as many cheaper chocolates do. Hm, I wonder why it wasn't selling well enough to keep... .)

It's pricey, and you have to heat it up with milk (unlike, say, Swiss Miss with the little dehydrated marshmallows), but Whoo-hoo Mamma! Wouldn't you rather have a tin of this stuff than peeps in your Easter basket?

I'm pretty excited about the new Morocco spice that has cinnamon, vanilla, and a bunch of other things including chile pepper.

That sample cup of Triple Chocolate, the sliver moon out tonight in a dusty sapphire sky, and the promise of hot dinner have fixed my day. Now if only you were here to snuggle up with me... .

I am quite aware that today is the first day of Lent.
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...except [livejournal.com profile] irishninja, unless he's not the one eating 'em: Free Sample of Chocolates.

I think I'm going to post this link at [livejournal.com profile] surprise_inside also. Haven't been there in months.

Edit: While I'm posting links, I'll add this one to an article with the oddest tone... Caring for Your Introvert. We are *so* the wrong audience for it.
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For those of you who've never seen me pour, here is some latte art. I can do ferns, hearts, and a few other designs that Natalie doesn't show. I miss it. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my barista skills. And speaking of skills...

Chocolate and Sex I smiled at this quotation: "Some might argue, however, that women who like chocolate are simply more sensually attuned."

The picture of the woman wearing nothing but a body stocking covered in chocolate sauce is also amusing.

And now for Five Questions from fellow chocoholic [livejournal.com profile] boldfeather: under the cut )

If you haven't gotten Five Questions from me in the past, you may request five now.


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