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I dreamed about my mom.

She was wearing a sweatshirt and worn-soft jeans, as she did when she had been gardening. In the midst of family and friends going in a dozen directions, she was listening to my summary of where our wedding plans stood. "Thank you," I told her, "for listening to me!" She was the only one. Even D was distracted.

Of course, I've been thinking about my mom. "Lullaby for a Stormy Night," which is a mother's song, came up on my .mp3 player yesterday morning, and discussions of NaNoWriMo have put me in thoughts about November. Gardens are thick with fruiting and flowering plants. I miss my mom. She would be a good ear for designing the wedding decorations, although I would be in danger of having her take it over, like she did for my school art projects when I was a kid.

I also dreamed about sky diving. Not just any sky diving, either, but some kind of stunt thing where we were going to hang from the wings during the flight. No special clothes required, and my oldest sister L kept checking with me to be sure I was going to be able to go through with it. We leaned over a tiny catwalk to test my fear of heights, and I said that "I think I can handle it now." At the last minute, I ran away to change my clothes. She thought I would miss the flight, because there wasn't enought time for me to get home and back. Instead of going home, I bought(?) clothes from somewhere nearby and was back in time. But it seemed that she had sent the flight on with out me or had cancelled it. "Next time," she said.

Way to be obvious, dream brain.
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Dear dream mind,

Why was I making pr0n with Samuel Jackson at a convention to honor [can't remember which literary (?) celebrity]? Was that supposed to mean something?

Perhaps I should have gone lucid when I was trying to write down my phone # and email address for that friend from school I ran into. That was my clue that it was a dream, right? I kept getting the numbers mixed up*.



*I've heard it said that in dreams, book don't contain words and you can't write. So not true, in mine.
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I had a dream about one of you, during the catch-sleep from 5am to 7. (Those are the most vivid, and when I'm more likely to lucid dream. Didn't, this time. Rats.) Laurus_Nobilis, it wasn't you this time.

Alas that it was a dream. I'm rather sad about that, today. ::sigh:: I overslept (alarm not set), developed a pissy mood, and stayed under a thunder cloud all morning. It's only a little better after applying a double short latte, a short walk through Olympic Sculpture Park, and some *competence* at work. (I should have chased after someone yesterday.)

On the tour of Lynnwood's chain restaurants, yesterday: Chang's Mongolian Grill. That was fun. The wall decor evokes the puppet theatre scene from Bram Stoker's Dracula.
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Met up with [livejournal.com profile] graphxgrrl at long last for happy hour at Nijo, which continues to produce very satisfying sushi for my overconsumption. The Bainbridge roll was oddly plain, but we had some very nice chef's choices: one with seared tuna and asparagus, another with hamachi and enoki mushrooms, and yet another good 'un that had sockeye salmon and a couple of pickled vegetables (that purple one, and a pale yellow).

So... where are we going for our next Sushi Celebration? I know that there is at least one new place up on Capitol Hill. We can do a sushi crawl of the three restaurants (2 blocks) in my neighborhood. Perhaps it is time to explore the ID. And if there is a time where you will be utterly, utterly unavailable (in June or July), let me know your blackout dates.

Going to see S3 in Imax format this afternoon. If there wasn't Spiderman, I'd see Bugs 3D instead, because Imax is fun.

There is a *beautiful* dark grey cat, at L's workplace, up for adoption. She's a year old and just weened a litter. Unfortunately, her recent nursing state is still apparent... on her lithe frame, her swollen bits are difficult to ignore... that's a sight I could have done without. She has citrine yellow eyes and a regal bearing.

A combination of all the sushi that I ate and reading Good Omens right before bed may be partially responsible for the very strange dream I had, about Vancouver B.C., [livejournal.com profile] laurus_nobilis, a secret society of intellectuals, my brother D, and a new Star Trek movie where Worf gets ray-gunned into goop. I kid you not.


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