May. 11th, 2007

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Met up with [ profile] graphxgrrl at long last for happy hour at Nijo, which continues to produce very satisfying sushi for my overconsumption. The Bainbridge roll was oddly plain, but we had some very nice chef's choices: one with seared tuna and asparagus, another with hamachi and enoki mushrooms, and yet another good 'un that had sockeye salmon and a couple of pickled vegetables (that purple one, and a pale yellow).

So... where are we going for our next Sushi Celebration? I know that there is at least one new place up on Capitol Hill. We can do a sushi crawl of the three restaurants (2 blocks) in my neighborhood. Perhaps it is time to explore the ID. And if there is a time where you will be utterly, utterly unavailable (in June or July), let me know your blackout dates.

Going to see S3 in Imax format this afternoon. If there wasn't Spiderman, I'd see Bugs 3D instead, because Imax is fun.

There is a *beautiful* dark grey cat, at L's workplace, up for adoption. She's a year old and just weened a litter. Unfortunately, her recent nursing state is still apparent... on her lithe frame, her swollen bits are difficult to ignore... that's a sight I could have done without. She has citrine yellow eyes and a regal bearing.

A combination of all the sushi that I ate and reading Good Omens right before bed may be partially responsible for the very strange dream I had, about Vancouver B.C., [ profile] laurus_nobilis, a secret society of intellectuals, my brother D, and a new Star Trek movie where Worf gets ray-gunned into goop. I kid you not.

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