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Like trekking through surf, I fought my way out into an open sea...

Wait, that's a terrible simile for finally getting my art to the shop. I've just delivered eight large and three small hair barrettes to ReTreasure where they are for sale on consignment. The display broke on the way there (Scotch super glue underperforms). I went to the office supply store first, got Krazy Glue, and fixed it.

I have a bad habbit of using what is closest or already out. The super glue was a poor choice for metal to paper. I constantly fight an inherent laziness. Frequently, I win!

What I forgot was an artist bio. I have to decide how I want to handle the web presence for this, too. It makes the most sense to finish my Etsy page and link to that. No rest for the wicked! I guess I could just fill the shop like a gallery.

I've been invited to do a class, even next month, which would be easy money. And I like teaching! I could make up a simple instruction sheet, include the hardware, and let participants select supplies from ReTreasure.

And now I can give more time to written projects!
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Bumbershoot Bag by duskyjewel
Bumbershoot Bag, a photo by duskyjewel on Flickr.

A severe case of crafting bug caused me to pick up a dead umbrella that I saw on my way home from grocery shopping and turn it into a tote bag. It was the third broken and discarded umbrella that I have seen in a week or so. The other two called out for me to repurpose them -- what a waste of all that nylon cloth otherwise -- without inspiring a design idea. I have grown a hate for Chico bags because they are expensive and made in China, so for some time, the desire for a better fold up, reusable bag has been simmering in my brain. I'd love to come up with something that would be a realistic option that I could take to my co-op. The Bumbershoot Bag isn't it, but it was fun! (For one thing, how would I acquire defunct umbrellas?) It folds/scrunches up and stays that way with the original velcro strap that held it closed when it was an umbrella.

Disassembling an umbrella was where the fun began. (I really need pliers that aren't for jewelry use.) The metal frame was too damaged to turn it into a mobile or something like that. Everything but the nylon and the wooden protective tips continued on to either the recycling or the trash.

An origami style folding and sewing down of those folds took care of the large circumference. I had some salvaged woven ribbon that turned out to be just enough for a ribbon edge and handles. I had a button to replace pointy tip that the umbrella once had. (If I make another, I think that a grommet would be a better way to finish the hole, since keeping it a hole would help it drain better in the washing machine.)

I left the "made in China" tag in. I scribbled out "China" and changed it with a fabric Sharpie to say, "Remade in Seattle." One last thing that I want to do is add "Bumbershoot Bag" to the closure strap. I may do that in simple embroidery because I don't have a Bedazzler. ^_~
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Now is the time for all good cats
to rise up from their afternoon naps
and shed the bulky, cold weather coats
leaving them on their keepers' laps.

This tool really works. My long-hair feline, already a very soft girl, feels as soft as butter, and my smeeze is almost rabbit-soft.

Speaking of rabbit fur, McPherson's had some wildly dyed skins that would not have looked out of place on the set of the old Star Trek series. I was underwhelmed with the store otherwise. The online catalog is much better.

Yesterday I went to dim sum at the place in the Great Wall mall. My dad got the bill, so I have no idea how it compares as far as cost, but the food and variety are better than average. (I still prefer Jumbos.) I spent the whole day with my family because afterward we had a birthday party for my little niece, now 5, who oversaw the party planning like the little overlord she is. I love piñata parties.

Needless rambling about piñatas )
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

The book is Subversive Cross Stitch. The link is to Julie Jackson's website, and the answer to this meme is Life Sucks, Then You Die.
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Empty apartment* in West Seattle for the month of July. We could "crafternoon" there. A Sunday?

I have massive bead supplies and am happily willing to sell you a bobbin of nymo cheap, or gemstone beads by the each (at a negotiated price because I can't remember what anything cost). If you are in a similar situation, could we not set up a flea market arrangement?

*If you don't already know why, please don't ask... me.
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choker ifrit
Originally uploaded by duskyjewel.
I'm using http://www.flickr.com to post this. Oh, and yes -- this is the kind of thing that I make. And yes, they all have names.

Sadly, it's the only (nearly) pro photo that I have of anything.
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I guess I could call this Day 1 again... )


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