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I'm just going to keep adding items into my Etsy shop whenever I make them. Why not? I take photos anyway (which usually just end up on my tumblr).

Chrysalides on Etsy.

Take a look if you like! I added a necklace made out of some of the beads from that mixed up bag I got that still makes me anxious to sort them.

Oh, and if you ever consider starting an Etsy shop, get a friend with an Etsy account to refer you. After I set up, I saw that I could have gotten free listings for both parties! Alas!
butterflydreaming: a few crafts that I made as gifts (Get Excited Make Things)
workspaceMy desk is crowded, so I end up working at the dining table.

I go through cycles of cleaning up my desk. It's currently on a messy cycle. But regardless, I rarely sit at it for any kind of crafting, because I sit at it enough for writing and such. It's a little low to stand at. The dining table lets me have more space and sunlight, and to get out of the corner.

I need to clean my desk. another photo and stuff )
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Empty apartment* in West Seattle for the month of July. We could "crafternoon" there. A Sunday?

I have massive bead supplies and am happily willing to sell you a bobbin of nymo cheap, or gemstone beads by the each (at a negotiated price because I can't remember what anything cost). If you are in a similar situation, could we not set up a flea market arrangement?

*If you don't already know why, please don't ask... me.
butterflydreaming: "Cris", in blocks with a blinking cat (Default)

choker ifrit
Originally uploaded by duskyjewel.
I'm using http://www.flickr.com to post this. Oh, and yes -- this is the kind of thing that I make. And yes, they all have names.

Sadly, it's the only (nearly) pro photo that I have of anything.

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