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The star of Cascadia's happy hour is their miniburger, which can be dressed up many things from cheese to grilled onions to truffle butter (that's burger, not [livejournal.com profile] buhrger fyi) at any time, but during happy hour starts at $1. They are very mini. The patty is a thick, gourmet cushion about 3 inches in diameter.

What I liked: You can choose a steak miniburger, a salmon miniburger, or a vege one. The happy hour menu includes a choice of calamari, french fries, a couple of beers, red or white wine, a martini, and probably something else that I am forgetting. Of course, you can order from the non-happy hour menu, also. When on the medium rare or rare side, the burgers are very yummy. Presentation is really cute, with little cauldrons of ketchup, ancho mayo, etc.

What I liked less: Happy hour is ONLY served in the lounge area. This was absurd yesterday, because the rest of the restaurant was completely empty, but the 5 of us had to wait for a table. Nor were we allowed to start with a cocktail and wait, standing, in the bar area. On a Thursday night at 5:15.

Most of the burgers were cooked to well-done. Those & the salmon patties were dry. Service was pretty good, but when we got 4 too many plain and 4 too few cheese, the waitress wanted us to be in the wrong. (That's not how you handle things. Even when the customer is wrong, you say it was a misunderstanding/miscommunication, so no one is "wrong".) She made another irksome comment, later, too. (Otherwise, I thought she was great.)

In conclusion: Go early, keep your group small, order your varieties by the total tally for the table (not each by each person), and ask for rare or medium rare.


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