Mar. 4th, 2016

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First Thursday at Intregue Chocolate means free zombies. Their zombies are chocolate ends (think trim) melted down together into a drinking chocolate that gradually changes as the evening goes on. The rich drink is served in shots, of which I has two. Then the shop owner (Aaron) sent me home with a 12 ounce paper cup of the miraculous elixer. It is destined for a cake this Saturday.

The chocolate shop is right at the origin of the new trolley. It would be so convenient if I lived on Capitol Hill still. My waiting for the bus tolerance is down; there is a bus from the shop that gets me all the way to my home stop, but it only runs at half hour intervals. Still, something to remember next time there are doin's in Pioneer Square. Uwajimaya is also convenient if I catch the right bus.

I have been neglecting my blogging friends. Alas, internet is a thing of cafes and other borrowed wifi, again, for the nonce. If I had realized that I could get back in line for the library issued hotspot while I still had one checked out, then I would already have one on the way again. (The signal is crap at Shadow Box, though, as is the phone. One is Verizon, the other AT&T.) I miss internet on tap.

Happy Pi Day! It would be nice to have an event. It is nice not to have an event. It's not necessary to have pie. Do enjoy some, if so inclined.

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