Jan. 20th, 2016

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 The danger of using a VERY old smartphone on wifi to post an update, is that it disintegrates before it shows up on the page. I think I have two or more posts that didn't make it.

Alas, the last one was rather poetic, if rambling, I thought. {checks phone} Ah, there, still in drafts. Honestly, I can't remember if comments are still disabled on LJ. I set them that way last #3weeks4dw and although I intended to reactivate them, I can't reply from email to LJ comments.

You know, what I miss most, I've decided, is not the long F'list that was impossible to keep up with. I can get that pressure out of tumblr or Facebook, thanks no thanks. I miss community. A community got me on LJ to begin with.

What used to keep us together was content creation: posts, comments, doing memes and quizzes. Reblogs and Shares are not content creation, though they create an appearance of activity. This is not intended as a statement of judgement, but it is one of nostalgia. I never could keep up with anything but the one community. I think it may too late now, to have that again. I wonder.


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