Nov. 27th, 2007

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This only applies to the Seattle area f'list, but I wanted this to be a public post.

Go here and sign up: Puget Sound Community Change. You will get a card (Cartridge World is one of the merchants) that earns rewards, not only for you, but for the charity on the list that you choose. I set mine up with the Arts Fund.

Why you should do this, and use the card: There is no cost to you. You sign up with the basic information of your name and address. You can change your beneficiary at any time.

All of the merchants are Puget Sound businesses, and the list grows daily. Corporate non-locals (such as Whole Foods) are not allowed to participate, but locally owned & operated franchise stores (like us) may. Any type of business can participate. The merchants choose the benefit that they wish to offer. It's free participation by all parties, a multi-level win.

Not only do I want you yourself to sign up, but please, pass the information on to the decision maker at your place of work. The set up is painless, minimum effort. I've seen other reward-card programs, but this one is truly different, and already working in Boston.

Go take a look. Please.


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