Sep. 29th, 2007

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There are two ways I could go with that subject line. Door Number One!

Trophy Cupcakes does, in fact, trump Cupcake Royale. They would win for store decor alone. In store, [ profile] divinityof_fire selected the triple chocolate (three times the chocolate intensity that already has me staggering) while I was safer with the vanilla cream & chocolate cake combo. A red velvet cake and a hummingbird (banana cake/cream cheese frosting/sprinkles!) went on a journey to Kendaer's kitchen. While badly beaten up by arrival -- largely due to L running back, almost missing her bus, to hand them to distracted me heading the other way -- the tasty remained intact. *Nom*

Billy Joel at the Key Arena: tickets all gone (except some crummy ones).

A few months ago I signed up for Massage Envy. For a reasonable monthly fee I get an hour-long massage each month. Unused ones roll over into the next month, and additional ones are at a reduced rate. I've been going to the Mill Creek location, and have been satisfied with the quality of the massage and the cleanliness & comfort of the salon. I have one today, same time as my dude is getting his. We're not together during the session, but it still feels like a together-ish thing to do. ::smile::

I'm so looking forward to dinner tonight! There will be people I haven't seen in, literally, months.


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