Sep. 5th, 2007

butterflydreaming: "Cris", in blocks with a blinking cat (purple)
I wanted to go to Red Hot Words today, but at 5:30 I realized that a) I pong and b)I'm wearing ugly clothes. So unpresentable. R-H-W isn't anything fancy, an open forum reading/writing group, but Wednesdays are social/drop-in night, so it strikes me as rude to show up looking like a rag and smelling less than pretty.

Instead I've typed up a post for [ profile] seattle about the coffee place where we went for my job review. Winchell's has been "the office" in the past. The bosses had heard about Mosaic, so we walked a little further and found it. I like it; it's cool.

BTW, they didn't fire me. ^_~ I've been feeling like I'm working myself out of a job by doing too well, but today we talked about expanding what my job is, so -- yay! Plus, I got to vent about Clearwire and how I will help customers if necessary, but otherwise, I let someone else do it. At least they understand where I'm coming from. (The contract is what bothers me. They didn't have to be just like a cell phone company, but they are.)

I broke our L's square pyrex yesterday, and we're both a little sad about it. Many a delicious enchilada casserole has graced its volume. Speaking of which, I need to head home now and cook dinner.


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