Jan. 24th, 2007

butterflydreaming: "Cris", in blocks with a blinking cat (Clow & Yuuko)

10 Simple Resolutions that Add More Positivity to the Universe 

1. Gift the world with more music. Learn to play an instrument. Put on some old records. Go to the symphony. Get involved with your local karaoke night. Bang on some pots and pans. Just spread some loving beats. 

2. Following that, dance. Dance, dance, dance. Learn the jitterbug, take a yoga class, try taichi, get funky. Shimmy that feelgood energy into the world. 

3. Take a crafting class and make a little homegrown somethin' for someone you love! 

4. Smile. Try to make others smile, too. 

5. Support local farmers. Show your love for their commitment to healthier people and a healthier planet. 

6. Venture out in the world and make more friends. Build your community of people you love...and who love you! 

7. Volunteer. Helping others (or our earth) infinitely magnifies our energy. 

8. Clean up your back yard and install an edible landscape! 

9. Join a book club. Expand your mind. Keep learning. 

10. Make a conscious effort to Be Green and love the earth a little more.


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