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From The Water Room (by Christopher Fowler, who writes magnificently):

"I'll be more careful next time."

"There won't be a next time, Arthur. What will it take to make you act in a responsible manner?"


On the bus I overheard a zen buddhist speaking to another about a hospice where her father had been cared for, in his last days, according to their beliefs. They were discussing the problem of care at hospitals. It wasn't until the end of the conversation that she said that they were buddhist, so I found myself wondering what religion or belief system they followed. Were they atheist? Pagan? Pastafarian? And how would each of any of those deal with impending death?

if you've ever wondered what I think about dying; a hint of my religious views; don't assume you know )
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I know that I said I wouldn't do this kind of thing here. But. [comments screened]

It's not meant to be a downer.

on depression, suicide, and making choices )
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The second and third installments of "Misguided Angel" are now posted on ff.net.  If you need the link, it's... somewhere around here... I don't feel like putting it up again until the story is done.

I also don't feel like hiding the rest of my thoughts in an LJ-cut, but it does make things neater.

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