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The (NaNoWriMo) novel that is explicitly *not* Turning the Key has grown a title of its own: New City Limits. It's a plotless (because the overloaded plot of Key is what I get snagged on) urban fantasy set in Seattle, pre Pearl Harbor (for Meyer) and contemporary (for Genny).

My word count is good. I'm on track. Today was my first day of writing without computer access. I did six pages by hand. I think my by-hand is about 400 words per page (wpp), but even if it is only 300 wpp I am still on target.

Yesterday I even wrote a little on the fanfic (TC)! I was too agitated to do anything else. My mom died from cancer two years ago on November 1st. Spending the day writing, NCL, TC, and in my paper journal, was about all I could do because I was so restless. I was actually relieved that D got called in to work. It's Jumbo Shrimp, but I both wanted company and was completely unable to face *people*.

So I hung out with imaginary people. It was good.

EDIT: A hand written page turned out to be about 220 words when I typed it out, so I wrote another 500 and called it good.

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