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Would you participate in a chocolate potluck? L told us about the chocolate infused booze at Trader Joe's, which would certainly be more enjoyable in company. I can't fund a chocolate festival for my birthday, but I would be quite happy to get a few things and host a chocolate potluck. Cacao items could be drinkable, baked, frozen, or savory as well as in truffle or bar form.

It might be worthwhile to plan this for after Easter (and after Norwescon and Sakuracon). Then we can have some cheap Easter chocolate to represent the low end.

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butterflydreaming: "Cris", in blocks with a blinking cat (Default)
No words can accurately capture the magnificence that is the Diablo at Tango. It is not a mere chocolate mousse, nor cake, nor confection. The masters as Tango have collared, but not tamed, a powerful, blood-heating presence unlike any other that I have ever engaged with a fork.

I fear to eat this more than once in 13 months, but we need to gather for (vegetarian) paella, half-priced Monday wine, and cocoa-spice madness sometime sooner than that.


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