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Because 5 things make a post, om nom nom.

1. The weakest link has been removed from the chain. More work for me, but overall very much for the better. I don't feel very bad that this got the first position in my thankful list tonight.

2. Chocolate glazed, chocolate cake Top Pot donuts are really good when left in the refrigerator. Quiche is even tastier when someone has made it for you... magic dinner! Quesadillas. Being someone who enjoys her fuel consumption. The luxury of having a "favorite food."

3. [livejournal.com profile] coffeedaiv. Who didn't have to take a sick day.

4. Aya is returning to his obnoxious self, after a week of kitty cold that included losing his meow. No, really. He has a lousy immune system. Shiva cat only had two days of mild sneezing, but Aya has been knocked down with a very human-like crud (cough, sneezing, no meow) for almost a week. I should not laugh. It's probably my fault that they, indoor cats, got colds at all.

5. Being energetic after a bad night's sleep. Being energetic after TWO bad nights of sleep (for different reasons). Go acupuncture!

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