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Because despite anxiety dreams (my subconscious is Captain Obvious), I'm in a great mood.

1. I am thankful for Christopher, who let me set up a late appointment to get a very overdue haircut. Nevermind that I live above a different salon. I don't wanna trade.

2. Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] divinityof_fire and I are finally having our hooray-we're-done-moving celebration dinner. I get steak!

3. I've been paid, which makes 2 and 1 both possible.

4. Yesterday, I sorted out the last file in the Space-Making Project of Doom: going through two years worth of completed files, pulling out duplicates and unnecessary items. All that's left is the shredding. I've already separated out non security-issue papers into the regular recycling.

5. Funstuff on Saturday!
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I was about to SQUEE! to y'all about my paycheck, which (with a bonus on it) is the largest single paycheck that I have ever recieved. Then I thought about how it's probably still much smaller than many of yours. Well, of the people actually reading this, maybe not so much "much smaller". But of my f'list, in general. Much. (Then there are others of you whom I could lend a buck, I know.)

The income of others is something that I see regularly. I look at those numbers without envy, usually without even thinking about them except as numbers that have to agree on the forms. Sometimes I laugh and think about how I have a good life and want for little, while these people with their $$$ don't have it as good. "Debt to income ratio" is a phrase that brings me a smile. I actually have to generate regular debt from now on, to keep my credit rating healthy. Do I sound smug? I've earned it. For over six years, I've been diligently paying down to zero.

I live pretty simply.

This is a big paycheck.

I'd buy you a round o' drinks, but I'm saving up for something better. Besides, I hold a grudge for every time you've mocked my lack of cell phone. ^_~


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