Apr. 20th, 2016

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Because the weather was so warm, and I was home before the dog walking hours of the evening, I thought Aya might be able to walk around a bit outside. It's positive reinforcement for being on harness and leash.

We did well enough. He walked around the little strip of garden on the south side of the building, smelling tulips and dirt. When he persisted in chewing the ornamental grass, I took him back in. He didn't want to walk himself back in this time -- he hadn't been scared -- but he didn't resist when I picked him up & carried him.

but then he was a monster )

I'm so tired. I had hoped that the walk would give him some calm, and instead it was the opposite.

But it's not like he's ever been better. Instead, it's like he has good days, but he's mostly awful.

The walk thing, though. It must happen with dogs, too, right? So, maybe there's a trove of helpful info on this subject?

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