Apr. 15th, 2016

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  •  I discovered (late to the party, I'm sure) Rotita, which sells fashion dresses on the cheap. Many of them are skimpy, form fitting, thigh slit, plunge neckline, and about $25. Except for the near certainty that they are low quality materials and made in sweatshops, I wish I could wear a different one every day. There's just something about a hoochie dress that fills my heart with love.
  • And OMG the swimwear. Human beings can't wear those. There are some with fringe!
  • Warmer weather brings me many things for which I am thankful. At the moment, I am pleased that my fine washables dry quicker on the drying rack.
  • Just when I think work sucks worse than ever, it finds ways to suck even more. This week is fired. Someone, please find me a different job, because I haven't managed to do it myself.
  • I'm 44 and I like it more than I did being, say, 22.
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Baby pic of me (red overalls & red booties) with my eldest sister, circa 1975

Meanwhile, on Facebook, this happened. I'm in red.


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