Mar. 12th, 2016

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My brother is reading a Sam Harris book. I always want to have more basis for discussion with my fam, and the library had a ready copy, so I've been doing a read along. It's crap: rude, (unintentionally) racist, tripe for chapter 1, dumbed down blathering about consciosness for 2, but 3, about the illusion of self, is plot bunny food. (He's also more tolerable when he sticks to neuroscience.)

They've come a-hoppin'.

Following after fodder in chapter 2 regarding the two hemisphere's of the human brain, which got me thinking about disassociative disorders, the mental wanderings from the path of chapter 3 include a revelation about one of the clone universe related stories (a villainous perversion of the AGC's purpose) as well as more thoughts about the time-travel-in-your-own-body idea.

I can't do anything with these bunnies at the moment. Nevertheless, it's good to know I'm getting something out of the Harris book. Stay in the kitchen and make sandwiches for my bunnies, Sam!


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