Nov. 11th, 2007

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First off, [ profile] kaligrrrl, i'm a loser. You know why.

In short, yesterday was a bad day.

But today, I have reminders of better things. On my way in, there was an orange creamsickle moth outside the exit doors of the Big Box store next door, sure to be squished if he stayed there in his somnambulant state. When I put my hand down and asked him if he would let me move him to safety, he climbed on to my fingers! After which, I deposited him in a tree pot. Not the one with the big spider, I think.

And, my boss just told me that they offered the job to S, who [ profile] amheriksha introduced to us last week. Yay! That would be a coolness, if she takes it.

My co-workers suck as expected, not being very much help in planning what we're ordering tonight at the company dinner (Wild Ginger). Me & my handy Excel spreadsheet have made the decisions, pending boss approval.

[this post brought to you by the letter X, with support from the Arbor Day Foundation and my fifteen minute break]


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