Feb. 14th, 2007

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Y'know, I could almost believe that I caught it from cyberspace. So many of you are sick, or have been sick recently. I went from an annoying little dry cough (that started Sunday) to omgIamsick chills by lunchtime yesterday; getting home wasn't much fun; I huddled in my seat on the crowded ('natch) bus, feeling guiltily like patient zero.

It hasn't gotten too much worse than that. I had chills through the night, but got lots of sleep, and by morning the cough was a productive one. My head aches and my eyes hurt, but I have time off of work. And a Valentine's Day present tho' I haven't gotten it yet. I really do feel like I've gotten plague-lite. Look, I even managed to stumble across the street and go online, at C & P.

To all the sickies on my f'list -- I hope you feel better quickly.

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