Jan. 17th, 2007


Jan. 17th, 2007 11:31 am
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Since [livejournal.com profile] omnifarious was visiting me in my part of the city, I took him over to Next to Nature, where L works, to see the great big grey cat known as Moses. Unlike me, L likes when friends pop in to say hi when she's a work. We walked in and I didn't see her, and when I asked if she was around or on a break, the other girl told me...

"Bea [the boss] took her to the hospital."

A new cat that wasn't supposed to be out, a momma cat who had just come from a feral colony, freaked out and bit L repeatedly. The worst bite is on her wrist (right where she had an oven burn, and the bandage from that might have slowed teeth down) but her hands are a mess. She has punctures on a few fingers and ugly gashes on her palms from angry back claws. She showed me the jeans that she was wearing... SO much blood. She was bleeding profusely all the way to Swedish.

She called me later (okay, yay for cell phones) when Omni and I were finishing lunch and of course I felt like dropping everything. It was probably apparent that my focus narrowed to personIcareabouthurtayeeeee! but I didn't rush off home because she said she was going to sleep (big lie) and I thought they had given her drugs making her drowsy (ha).

The wounds look better today. She has a doctor's note officially stating that she is not allowed to work any sooner than Sunday. We both know that this changes the dynamics of my time off this week and are trying not to let it.

Oh, and she's been telling everyone, so I'll pass it on here, too, that she also slipped on the ice yesterday morning on her way in to work and fell on her butt. It didn't hurt yesterday but this morning is another story. She's been prone this week.

Catalog of injuries:
2 oven burns
1 ow derriere
1 stiff arm (tetanus shot)
multiple cat tooth puncture wounds
several cat claw scratches

I've been afraid to let her near the scissors.

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